Howard Stern calls for Djokovic . tennis ban

Radio host Howard Stern has called for world number one Novak Djokovic to be banned from tennis over his anti-vaccination stance.

Mr. Stern has previously criticized NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers, saying he should be banned from the football league for the same reason.

Mr Djokovic has not been vaccinated against Covid-19. He is now under investigation by the Australian Border Force for possibly submitting false travel documents to gain entry into the country to participate in the Australian Open.

“That bastard Djokovic,” said Mr. Stern on his SiriusXM program. “What an asshole.”

“The first thing I heard from this man is that he doesn’t want to get his vaccine. They should fucking kick him out of tennis. That is it. See you soon,” he added.

Mr Stern claimed that Mr Djokovic “might be lying” about being infected with the virus.

“You have to stop playing tennis. He doesn’t care about anyone else,” Mr Stern added. “Stay away from other people. That’s like saying smoking is a private decision. Well, that’s true. But don’t smoke f**knut in my face. What a dummy. Just a big dumb tennis player.”

“If you want to talk about tennis, I’ll talk to you. Otherwise you should shut up,” Mr Stern said, referring to Mr Djokovic.

Djokovic admitted on Wednesday that he did not isolate immediately after testing positive for Covid-19 last month. But he denied knowing he was positive while attending public events.

He also apologized for a travel statement that turned out to be false, saying in a statement that it was submitted to him by a support staff member in what he called “human error”.

Djokovic added that it had been an “error of judgment” for him to speak to the media and attend a photo shoot with a French sports newspaper after testing positive.

Both the reporter and the photographer for The team were not informed during or after the interview in Belgrade that the tennis player was positive for Covid-19, the newspaper reported on Wednesday.

“I want to address the continued misinformation about my activities and attendance at events in December in the run-up to my positive PCR Covid test result,” Mr Djokovic said in the statement.

“This is misinformation that needs to be corrected, in particular to address wider community concerns about my presence in Australia and to address matters that are deeply hurtful and troubling to my family,” he added.

“I want to emphasize that I have tried very hard to ensure everyone’s safety and that I can meet the testing obligations,” he said.

Mr Djokovic’s visa was canceled after arriving in Melbourne last week for entering the country without a proper exemption from Australia’s vaccination requirements. A judge ruled Monday that he may stay.

Although the judge overturned the visa cancellation, Djokovic can still be deported from the country.

A spokesman for Australia’s immigration minister, Alex Hawke, said on Wednesday that he is “considering revoking Mr Djokovic’s visa under section 133C(3) of the Migration Act”.

“The lawyers of Mr. Djokovic recently submitted lengthy additional documents and supporting documentation that would be relevant to the possible revocation of Mr. Djokovic. Of course, this has consequences for the term for a decision,” said the spokesperson.

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