DnD 5e: Building Disney’s Flynn Rider

Daring Flynn Rider from Disney’s confused is a self-described reckless villain, which makes him excellent for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. if Tangled: the series reveals, Flynn (aka Eugene Fitzherbert, aka Horace as he was originally called) was orphaned as a child when his father, King Edmund, ordered everyone to evacuate his kingdom and a servant took baby Flynn to an orphanage. Flynn never learned anything from this and believed that his parents were fearless adventurers, not royalty.

When Flynn Rider meets Rapunzel, he says he grew up reading stories about Flynnigan Rider. He dreamed of becoming a man experiencing exciting adventures and leading a daring lifestyle. In confused, Eugene renames himself after the character and becomes a successful thief who fulfills his childhood goals. With a silver tongue, expert dueling skills and a set of sticky fingers, many players may want to recreate him to go on an adventure of their own.

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The best race for Flynn Rider

confused flynn rider villain

Flynn is human of course so best race to join D&D fifth edition is Variant Human. This allows the player to start with additional skills, improving skill scores and an achievement. The two +1 bonuses for skill scores should go to Dexterity and Charisma. Plus, the additional Variant Humans language selection fits Flynn’s history of traveling the seas as he built his career as a thief. Players can choose one that will be particularly useful during their campaign, such as Elvish.

When it comes to skills, athletics and acrobatics are fantastic options that Flynn is sure to use as a villain. He can also stay on his feet so well that it seems like he always has a windfall – something players should convey by choosing the Lucky feat. This improves his ability to escape capture and land those impressive and unlikely maneuvers by giving him three luck points per long rest which he can use to roll an extra d20. This roll can be used for a skill check, save throw, or attack. It can also cause an attack throw against the player to fail.

The best class for Flynn Rider

confused flynn rider villain

It’s no surprise that the perfect class for Flynn is Rogue, but the tricky part is choosing his subclass. While Thief makes a lot of sense and gives players a climb rate to match Flynn’s skills, Swashbuckler works a little better based on his charming nature. Introduced in Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, Swashbuckler gives Flynn several key moves that reflect his skills in combat. Fancy Footwork will take him out of the opportunity attacks, and Rakish Audacity will give him his Sneak Attack bonus when he plays one-on-one with an opponent. This also allows him to add his Charisma modifier to his initiative.

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At later levels, that Flynn Rider charm really kicks in. With Panache, he can charm a non-hostile creature or make an aggressive creature disadvantage when attacking the rest of the party. When he reaches the capstone of his subclass, Master Duelist, Flynn will fully realize his dueling skills and be ready to swordplay with more than just Maximus.

Flynn Rider’s Ability Scores & Skills

flynn rider rapunzel tangled stealth

Whichever subclass is chosen, prioritize Flynn’s Dexterity, then focus on Charisma. Agility allows Flynn to defeat enemies in combat as Rogues use their DEX mod to strike and it increases Stealth and Sleight of Hand controls. In addition, having a higher DEX will improve his armor class. A higher Charisma score makes him more persuasive and deceitful, and it increases his initiative bonus when he plays a Swashbuckler. Flynn is also naturally charming, so the stat reflects that aspect of his character.

Where the rest of the remaining scores should be placed is usually up to the player. However, it is wise to increase his Strength before climbing checks and to prevent his Wisdom and Intelligence from receiving negative modifiers.

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The best wallpaper for Flynn Rider

Flynn Rider Confused Wanted Poster

The Criminal/Spy background suits Flynn well. This allows him to gain proficiency in watercraft, which makes perfect sense for someone who traveled from port to port. It also confers another ability. Insight is an excellent choice because Flynn seems to be able to read people and use it to his advantage, such as when he quickly realizes that he can try to convince Rapunzel that leaving the tower would crush her mother’s soul.

Pirate is another suitable option that gives a similar feeling. This comes with the Bad Reputation feature, which is suitable for someone famous with a wanted poster. It would also give him another chance to maintain proficiency in athletics and perception.

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The best D&D performance for Flynn Rider

Besides Lucky, there are other achievements that Flynn should try to pick up later in the game. Mounted Combatant serves his character well, as Flynn is an accomplished rider (as long as the horse isn’t Max). This feat gives him several advantages when riding a horse, most notably the ability to use his Sneak Attack while mounted. There’s also Athlete, which offers another way to improve climbing and jumping. It gives a boost of strength or agility, allows him to get up from prone for less movement and makes his jumps more effective.

Flynn would also take advantage of Mobile to reflect his agility in difficult terrain. Tavern Brawler is also perfectly suited to Flynn Rider, who frequents the Snuggly Duckling and is adept with a frying pan. The feat gives him proficiency with improvised weapons and improves his hand-to-hand combat skills. In addition, it increases strength or constitution, which can make up for a lower skill score. Fighting Initiate is also a solid pick, giving him a fighting style like Dueling.

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