Rare pair of swimmers/divers making a splash for Tallmadge

In high school swimming and diving, an athlete is generally a swimmer or a diver.

Rarely are the two intertwined. And even rarer are two athletes in the same program who are both swimmers and divers.

That is exactly the case for the Tallmadge program this season.

Junior Angelo Miller and sophomore Kate Archer both swim and dive for the Blue Devils. What makes it even more remarkable is the fact that neither Miller nor Archer had any competitive swimming or diving experience before this season.

“Angelo and Kate have put in so much work to be able to do an entire sport in one season and do it well,” said Tallmadge head coach Kaela Long. “It’s crazy to think that these kids didn’t know how to dive before the season, and now they can make six dives right. Not only that, but they are willing and able to be taken aside and put into swimming events as well. It’s a huge commitment to both swimming and diving.”

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