Hawkeye’s 10 Best Team Ups, Ranked

Hawkeye has a long history in comics since its creation by Stan Lee and Don Heck in 1964. From his origins as a supervillain to a star of both the big and small screen in the MCU, Hawkeye has seen many teams and partners through the years as well. to.

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Clint Barton was a member of several Avengers teams and was also affiliated with several other superhero teams. Despite having no real powers, Barton excels at using a number of weapons, hand-to-hand combat and acrobatics, and has used his skills in some very successful partnerships during his time as a hero.

10 Hawkeye never suited the defenders well

Hawkeye joined the Defenders in defenders #7, but his time with the team was short-lived. In fact, he was left by defenders #10. It’s no surprise that many comic readers don’t remember Hawkeye ever being part of the Defenders, especially since he didn’t seem to join the team for good reason. Barton had worked with the Avengers, but left after a rift with Vision over Scarlet Witch’s affections. After trying and failing to join Black Widow and drifting around alone for a while, Hawkeye found his way to the Defenders for a very short time. This isn’t one of his most interesting team-ups for obvious reasons.

9 Hawkeye took The Great Lakes Avengers under his wing

Great Lakes Avengers in a restaurant

The Great Lakes Avengers first appeared in West Coast Avengers vol.2 #46. Hawkeye is one of the first to see the new hero team in action when he sees the GLA foil a heist. He and his then-wife Mockingbird are not happy that the GLA is using the Avengers name without permission.

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Despite this, they both agree to guide the team. Led by Barton, the GLA aids both the West Coast Avengers and the Avengers before temporarily breaking up. It’s nice to see Hawkeye in a lead role, but the Great Lakes Avengers may not be the most memorable of the Avengers team.

8 Hawkeye tried to exchange the lightning bolts

Lightning Strikes - Hawkeye and Moonstone.

Originally introduced as a hero team, the Thunderbolts took up the slack while the Avengers were presumed dead, before being revealed as the Masters Of Evil. Later, the team rejected Baron Zemo’s leadership and began trying to become heroes in their own right under the leadership of Hawkeye. As a reformed villain himself, Hawkeye’s leadership of the Thunderbolts is an interesting time in its history. Under his leadership, the team are fugitives seeking a pardon. Unfortunately, he fails in this mission and ends up in jail for his efforts to help the team.

7 Secret Avengers Make Hawkeye Go Dark

After taking the baton from Norman Osborn, Steve Rogers chose not to continue with HAMMER or SHIELD, and instead started several Avengers teams. Led by Rogers, the Secret Avengers were a Black-ops unit of Avengers, who surreptitiously cleaned up after Osborn. Rogers decided to turn the team over to Hawkeye, who led the unit through several key missions, including fighting the Descendants and aiding the Avengers against the Phoenix Force. This wasn’t the first time readers had seen Hawkeye lead a team, but it was one of the most important leadership roles he’s held. Ultimately, Hawkeye chose to disband the black ops unit in favor of more overlying methods.

6 Hawkeye spied on the new Avengers

Hawkeye has been associated in some way with the Avengers for many years, joining several of the various Avengers teams throughout his time in comics. For a time, Barton worked with the New Avengers as an open informant for SHIELD and rejoined the team after being fired from SHIELD.

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He eventually left the team to rejoin the Avengers main group, claiming that he was only a member to spend time with his wife. While his heart is clearly with the Avengers main roster, the New Avengers was a good time in Hawkeye history.

5 Mockingbird was more than a team up

Mockingbird was first introduced in 1971, before joining the Avengers and marrying (and later divorcing) Hawkeye. The two worked together on the Avengers for some time and even had their own series of comics, Hawkeye and Mockingbird, by Jim McCann and David Lopez. Their marriage was not an easy one, with Mockingbird’s death (and revival) and a divorce disrupting their marital bliss. They may not be married anymore, but the romance has always been popular with fans, and it looks like Mockingbird could make her way into the MCU thanks to this popularity.

4 West Coast Avengers let Hawkeye lead for the first time

West Coast Avengers #37

There have been many Avengers spin-offs, but the first was the West Coast Avengers, founded by Hawkeye. This was one of the first times fans could see Hawkeye as a leader, which helped take his profile away from the main Avengers lineup. The West Coast Avengers were very different from the main team, calling themselves the ‘Wackos’. After Barton passed on the nickname Hawkeye to Kate Bishop, she reformed the West Coast Avengers, maintaining the bond between this more irreverent team and the Hawkeye name.

3 The Avengers is the home of Hawkeye

Hawkeye and Ant-Man on the cover of Avengers #223

The most famous team Hawkeye was ever part of is without a doubt the Avengers. Hawkeye first joined the team in the 1960s, along with Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Black Widow also joined the team around the same time. Throughout his history with the team, Hawkeye has played a key role in many classic stories, founded the first spin-off team, and mentored others. Thanks to the MCU, Hawkeye has become one of the most famous members of the Avengers, making this one of his most successful team-ups to date.

2 Black Widow is Hawkeye’s oldest mate

Ultimate Hawkeye and Black Widow as SHIELD agents

Hawkeye seems to work well in a partnership. One of his best-known and most popular combinations is the one with the former KGB agent, Black Widow. The two first met when Hawkeye was sent to kill her, though Black Widow was able to turn him by her side and go after Iron Man instead. Their early romance was strained by Hawkeye’s reluctance to be a villain, and both eventually joined the Avengers and chose the good.

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Despite this, their romance was short-lived, although the close bond between these two heroes is undeniable. Their friendship has been an interesting way for readers to see a softer side to both characters. No wonder they are seen as a classic duo.

1 Kate Bishop is Hawkeye’s perfect partner

Kate Bishop is texting someone

Hawkeye’s best collaboration is with Kate Bishop. At a young age, Kate idolized Hawkeye, as a superhero without any powers. Hawkeye acted as a mentor to the young hero and the two worked together for a long time, with Kate eventually also adopting the name Hawkeye. Kate may not be as famous as Black Widow (yet), but her partnership with Hawkeye has been defining for both Barton and Bishop.

Matt Fraction and David Ajas hawk eye run, largely considered the definitive Hawkeye series, also stars Kate Bishop. This story explores the relationship between the two, and how Kate’s more optimistic view balances Barton’s more serious nature. Inspired by the work of Fraction and Aja, Disney+’s hawk eye series has finally brought the other Hawkeye to the MCU, suggesting there’s a lot more to come from this partnership.

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