Is GamStop a good choice for cricket fans?

If you are a cricket fan and you love betting on this great sport then you may have come across GamStop. What is this and should you use it? The explanation is not as simple as you may think and we are going to help you understand the topic better and reveal all related matters and details. Without further ado, let’s get started.

In the UK, GamStop is the best known platform of its kind. It is the system of self-exclusion. This means that a player who has a gambling addiction or has or threatens to have problems can use GamStop and move away from gambling and betting. Simply put, a player visits the official GamStop website and signs up. He will then choose the duration of self-exclusion. Available options are 5 years, whichever is longer, 6 months or 1 year in between.

Once the self-exclusion is active, a player will not be able to visit any UKGC websites to bet on cricket. In reality, all gambling and gambling sites that are part of the network will no longer be available. This lasts as long as the chosen duration of the program and there is no way to skip, avoid or cancel it. This simply means that if you have opted for 5 years of self-exclusion you will not be able to play on UKGC sites for 5 years no matter what you do.

GamStop only works with gambling and gambling sites that have UKGC and are partners of the self-exclusion system. It is ineffective against other or unlicensed casinos and gambling sites. Thousands of British players do not use online bookmakers on GamStop on a daily basis. Once the self-exclusion expires, a player can contact customer support, ask them to lift the ban, wait 24 hours and play again.

Fans and gamblers have more options. They can use software to get the same. But this kind of software is not as effective as GamStop. It is also expensive which is the biggest problem for some users. At the same time, we can see that the blocking software cannot block all betting sites where you can bet on cricket. Some can still be used. In short, GamStop is the most advanced and most attractive option available to you.

There are instances where you should be using GamStop and there are instances where it is irrelevant to you. If you occasionally gamble in cricket games and you know all about responsible betting and there are no problems then there is no need to use GamStop. It has been developed for people who suffer from or are at risk of gambling addiction.

But if you notice any symptoms of gambling addiction, you should start using GamStop. Some of these symptoms include the inability to stop betting, lack of excitement when you win and also the urge to bet all the time. These are all serious and complicated issues that need to be resolved as soon as possible and GamStop can help you with that.

This network works in a simple way. It blocks access to gambling sites and therefore you cannot place bets on cricket matches. If you can’t bet, you can’t feed your gambling addiction. It works the same for all types of betting and gambling.

We should add that GamStop is extremely effective if you want to stop gambling. More than 80% of users claim to be 100% satisfied with the result. Many would like to use it indefinitely and many would like to have the option to choose 10 or even lifetime self-exclusion. These options are not available at this time. A gambler should get help and work on his gambling addiction while being safe from gambling and gambling. Once he is OK and there is no more risk, he can continue betting. It is a simple, effective and attractive option for all cricket fans.

Let’s just add that GamStop works with all kinds of sports and casinos. As long as the website is about betting or gambling and supports GamStop it will not be available to users. It’s that simple. No need to add that GamStop is working on making their self-exclusion active and will work on other platforms that don’t have UKGC. We believe they will be available on MGA and Curacao eGaming licensed sites. These two are very common and can now be seen on most casinos and gambling sites.

The bottom line here is clear. If you like to bet on cricket every now and then and there are no issues then you don’t need to use GamStop so you can easily follow your favorite British team. If you think you have a gambling addiction or are at high risk of developing one, yes, you can easily stop gambling using GamStop self-exclusion. It is a free, highly effective and safe to use program. Remember, it’s a secure and advanced system, so there’s no getting around it.

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