Local 17-year-old becomes National Boxing Champion

It is said that some dream of great achievements, but others fight tirelessly to achieve them. This is the case of Jocelyn Camarillo. A 17-year-old girl from the city of Indio.

“They say boxing is for men, but I did it,” said Jocelyn.

Her discipline, dedication and perseverance helped her triumph in one of the most important boxing tournaments in the country, the 2021 USA Boxing National Championships. She was the winner in the 48 kilogram class.

“I was a little nervous, but I was training hard because I knew I was going to win,” said Jocelyn.

Success came with just three years of training his stroke speed, accuracy and concentration.

“It’s a lot of work, a lot of sacrifice to get to all the practices and some days you think what and then that emotion of being a National Champion, when I heard the words of Jocelyn Camarillo from Coachella, California, it was a very beautiful pride that I felt,” said her father Valente Camarillo.

From the moment Jocelyn put on the gloves, her family has been by her side. Her father is her trainer. He says his daughter impressed him the moment she fought in the ring.

“She asked me if she wanted to box and first I laughed, that’s for men. When she hit it felt hard and I said yes, she has talent,” said Valente.

Jocelyn practices with her father at legendary boxing trainer Lee Espinoza’s gym in Coachella, six times a week for three hours.

Espinoza said the young girl’s talent will lead her to become a world champion.

“I sit and I watch something and I run and it’s going really well and when it started, now it’s professional, it’s really fun,” Espinoza said.

This year, Jocelyn will graduate from Shadow Hills High School and plans to pursue a career in the medical field. For now, she continues to enjoy her achievement and proudly displays her championship belt.

“I feel very lucky to be an example for the girls and to represent Coachella well,” said Jocelyn.

Jocelyn is the first in her family to practice boxing, but her younger brother is already following in her footsteps. Her mother says she is very proud of her daughter.

The Coachella Valley has become somewhat of a breeding ground for fighters, with several gyms in the region. There have been several notable fighters from the valley, including boxers like Timothy Bradley, Antonio and Julio Dian (Lee’s brother), and most recently Brandun Lee, who was just named Prospect of the Year by Ring Magazine. Outside of boxing, there is of course UFC star Cub Swanson.

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