Mohawk volleyball coach reflects on ’11 state title run’

MORLEY — It’s been a little over a decade, but Morley Stanwood volleyball coach Robin Kozuch still has fond memories of her team that won the 2011 state title.

Even after 10 years, Kozuch admits that there are instances where she is quickly returned to that season simply because of how special it was.

The 2011 volleyball season was one in which the Mohawks racked up a total of 58 wins, including a perfect 16-0 in the league.

“I feel like the 2011 team got along so well,” said Kozuch. “They cared about each other; they played for each other.”

Kozuch also discussed how just about everything went well for this particular group of girls, as if they were destined to win the title trophy.

With a roster of talent from the likes of Alexis Huntey, Melissa Holland and Bailey Cairnduff leading the way, everything seemed to fall into place perfectly.

“When things are totally aligned, it’s something I’ll always cherish,” Kozuch said. “The further away it gets, the more I realize what a great team that was. I think that desire should be there too.”

Despite all the success, the journey to the state finals was not always smooth sailing.

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