Wapahani, Yorktown Advances to County Girls’ Basketball Championship

YORKTOWN, Ind. – Wapahani and Yorktown will meet in the Delaware County Girls’ Basketball Championship in 2022.

The Raiders (13-5) held out and defeated Delta (3-14) 33-30, and the Tigers (5-12) defeated Wes-Del (6-10) 43-28 in the semifinals at Yorktown High School on Thursday . The championship kicks off at Delta High School on Saturday, January 15 at 6:00 PM.

ROUND 1 SUMMARY: Wapahani, Yorktown win in round 1

Here’s a preview of the championship and a recap of the semi-finals:

Championship preview

The two teams played in the 2020 county championship when Yorktown won 52-37, and the Tigers also dominated the Raiders 67-35 in last year’s semifinals. Wapahani won the previous game of this season 56-49 on the road on December 7, and based on each team’s tournament performance so far, it should be a competitive match.

The Tigers have won two consecutive provincial titles and three of the last four. Although the group has had less success this year than its predecessors, the team seems to have regained confidence in the first two rounds.

The challenge for Yorktown, according to head coach Leigh Ann Barga, is to turn the team’s strong points into four quarters of quality basketball. She thinks her girls are heading in the right direction, but Thursday’s convincing win still posed problems.

“We’ll get there, little steps. This was one of our goals, to get to the championship, so I’m proud of the girls who got us there, now we just have to finish it,” said Barga. “We will play very well, and then we will make some turnover, and then we will play very well. It’s just stretching. Saturday we have to play 32 (minutes).”

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