Baseball Quiz: 75 and Counting

Do you know the number of balls in a standard game of

Bingo in the United States? It’s 75.

Do you know the age limit for a member of the Canadian Senate? It’s 75.

Do you know the anniversary that the NBA is celebrating? It’s 75.

Did you know there are still 75 days to go until opening day? And someone better open the door and get things going.

Good luck with this quiz.

1. As coach of the Bears, Mike Nagy went 34-31 (.523 win rate). Is that percentage higher or lower than any of the following Chicago managers (answer for each)?

A. Tony LaRussa c. Bob Citroen

b. Chuck Tanner D. Thu room

2. The warm, wonderful and witty Bob Saget played Danny in the hit sitcom ‘Full House’. The character’s last name was the same as any former Chicago manager?

A. Tony LaRussa c. Bob Citroen

b. Chuck Tanner D. Thu room

3. Which Of These Guys On The Hall Of Fame Vote Did? not play for the White Sox or the Cubs?

A. Joe Nathan c. Bobby Abreu

b. AJ Pierzynskic D. Jimmy Rollins

4. One of the things I love about the White Sox and the Cubs is that they were each born and raised in one amazing city. The same can only be said of one of the following teams. Call that team.

A. Baltimore Orioles

b. Milwaukee Brewers

c. Detroit Tigers

D. San Francisco Giants

5. While baseball had Jackie Robinson, cinema had Sidney Poitier. Poitier was the first black man to win the Academy Award for Best Actor for his work in 1963’s “Lilies of the Field.” In 1963, two Chicago batters led the city with 25 home runs each. The runners-up each had 22. Which two batters had 25 and which two had 22?

A. Piet Ward c. Ron Santo

b. Dave Nicholson D. Billy Williams

6. The record holder for most times hit by a pitch in a season by a member of the Cubs is held by Anthony Rizzo. The White Sox season record is shared by Minnie Minoso and Carlos Quentin. Who was hit by more throws in a season?

A. Anthony Rizzo b. minnie/charles

7. The movie ”A League of Their Own” is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Who was the director of this classic baseball movie?

A. Garry Marshall c. Rob Reiner

b. Penny Marshall D. Laverne DeFazio

8. Harry Caray first sang “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” for the White Sox and then for the Cubs. For which of the following reasons did the tradition of singing the song originate?

A. He was a trained opera singer.

b. He sang in a group known as ”The Off-Tones” off-season.

c. It was the only song he knew the words to.

D. It was a theme for a beer commercial in which he starred.

9. Betty White would have turned 100 on January 17, meaning Babe Ruth hit 552 home runs in her lifetime. That’s more than a player getting hit while wearing a Chicago uniform. But is it more or less than any of the following sluggers?

A. Mike Schmidt c. Mickey Mantle

b. David Ortiz D. Reggie Jackson


1. Higher than La Russa (0.515); higher than Tanner (0.492); lower than Citroen (.525); higher than Zimmer (.507).

2. Bob Saget won our hearts as Danny Tanner. Chuck Tanner, who led the Sox in 1970-75, won 401 games and lost 414.

3. Bobby Abreu played for both teams in New York and both teams in Los Angeles, as well as for the Phillies and Astros, but he never played for the Sox or Cubs.

4. The Orioles were the St. Louis Browns. The Brewers were the Seattle Pilots. The Giants were originally from New York. The Tigers have always played in Detroit.

5. Santo and Williams led the Cubs with 25 home runs, and Ward and Nicholson led the Sox with 22.

6. In 1956, Minoso was hit by 23 pitches, the same as Quentin in 2011. In 2017, Rizzo was hit by 24 pitches. In 2019, Rizzo was hit by 29 pitches. And in 2015, Rizzo was hit by 30 throws.

7. Penny Marshall, who was Garry’s sister and played the ex-wife of Rob Reiner and Laverne, was the director.

8. “That’s the only song I know the words to,” Caray was quoted as saying.

9. More than Schmidt (548), Ortiz (541) and ”The Mick” (536) but less than Reggie (563).

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