LaMay’s Catering opens new Alton cafe

ALTON — Family-owned, LaMay’s Catering has been around for more than five years, operating first from its leased space in the Deliverance Temple, then moving to Broadway in the former Riverbend Billiards building.

Not only is LaMay’s Catering expanding during a pandemic, it also employs more than 40 Alton High School students, said co-owner Jason Harrison, who owns the company with his wife Kayla Harrison. LaMay’s Catering at 909 E. Broadway is the headquarters where the catering section moved a year ago.

“We are primarily in the catering business,” said Jason Harrison, who is also president of Riverbend Ministerial Alliance. “We made our footprint with schools, nurseries, after school programs, the conception grew from there. We hired two top chefs and started hosting private and corporate events and expanded into restaurant management, helping turn restaurants around and staffing them.”

LaMay’s hired chef Travis Williams, who cooked for President Barack Obama, and chef Alvin Jones, formerly of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

“They do a lot of upscale catering for us,” Harrison said. “I am so honored and humbled at a time like this that we can expand while most companies scale back.”

Recently, LaMay hired 42 AHS students to contract with the Missouri Botanical Garden for the Garden Glow event.

“We’ve created a staff area of ​​the company for events and restaurants,” Harrison said. “We have contracted with the student staff who worked there and will continue to work with us and we are negotiating more contracts, mainly in St. Louis, a few in Alton. We are looking to expand with local restaurants.”

LaMay’s training supervisor is Leon Smallwood-Bey, who is also president of 100 Men Movement, Crime Prevention Initiative and has a food service certification to do the training.

“We’ve talked to him about our goals, with the workforce and during the pandemic so many people need workers,” Harrison said.

Cafe 111 had its soft opening in October with the hope that people would return to the office in November and early December. But the ommicron COVID-19 wave has delayed that rush back to offices.

“But that’s allowed us to perfect what we’re doing, and we’re open to grab and go,” Harrison said. “There are no seats.”

Chef Regina Talbert of Cafe 111 makes homemade soups daily.

“She’s throwing it out of the park,” Harrison noted.

The cafe also serves potato salads, specialty salads, vegan flatbread, and a signature Cafe 111 sandwich.

Customers can order online at or call 618-433-1388. Café 111 is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information, please email

To learn more about LaMay’s Catering call 618-433-3660, which accepts messages, Monday through Saturday or email

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