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NEW Ulm — Maddox Mortensen, senior Maddox Mortensen of the new Ulm High School, has been named to the Under Armor Baseball Factory Academic All-American team.

Mortensen was one of 75 United States high school baseball players selected.

Selected players must have a 3.5 GPA and a Top Tier Baseball Factory rating.

The selected players were then invited to the Jackie Robinson Training Complex in Vero Beach, Florida, for a two-day, three-game tournament from December 10-12.

Mortensen played for the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers.

“I went to a tryout in Minnetonka last summer and did quite well there,” said Mortensen. “They then check whether you have a sufficiently good GPA. Luckily for me, academics are important and about a week after the tryouts I was invited to the event. It was nice to get out of the cold of Minnesota and into warm weather for baseball. ”

Mortensen said high school baseball players from all over the United States attended the event.

“I was the only kid from the Midwest, so it was interesting to play with a bunch of kids from the South who play baseball year round,” said Mortensen. “I’ve heard some stories from them. Up here we have a lot of multisport athletes, but down there it’s just one sport and that’s what they focused on. Most of the players on my team were from California, Florida, Texas and New Mexico and played baseball all year round. Lots of good ball players there.”

Mortensen thought he did quite well in the tournament.

“You saw some good pitching, but my biggest achievement down there was my arm speed increasing a lot from 81 miles per hour to now 87. And I increased with exit speed.”

Mortensen said his future after high school includes academics as well as baseball.

“I’d like to stay close to home – I’m kind of a homebody – but coach Matt Sammarco of Lasell University in Boston is part of the Baseball Factory program and has been in touch with me. Super good guy and when I leave, “Maybe towards the East Coast. But otherwise I’d like a shot at some local colleges, maybe the state of Minnesota.”

He plans to study architecture.

Mortensen added that he appreciates all the support and help he has received from his coaches and family.

“I am grateful for the coaching I have received here and am super grateful to my parents, especially my father, for their support.”

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