Go behind the scenes of ‘1883’ in this Texas town

If you are a fan of the hit show Yellowstone, it’s time to fall in love with the prequel to the series, 1883. The latest Paramount+ western series follows the Dutton family of Fort Worth, Texas, on their covered wagon journey north through the Great Plains to the promised land of Montana. 1883 brings to life the proud pioneering spirit of Dutton’s quest for the American Dream.

If you’re fascinated by this period of American history, you’re not alone. 1883 debuted as the biggest new show since 2015, probably building on the hype of Yellowstone. Western shows have seen a massive resurgence in popularity, reminiscent of the Little house on the Prairie to dawn. These shows give viewers an opportunity to reflect on the determination of our ancestors as they navigate very different hardships than those of the modern age. Next time you’re annoyed by your internet loading too slowly, try imagining what it was like forging a wagon and herd of animals across a river.

The show, created by Yellowstone’s Taylor Sheridan, features a prominent cast of characters, including Tim McGraw as John Dutton, Faith Hill as his wife Margaret Dutton, and Sam Elliot as Shea Brennan, one of the cowboys to lead the group. It was filmed in part in the historic Fort Worth Stockyard District, a part of Texas determined to hold on to its western roots.

Visit Fort Worth

Now you too can experience how this Wild West history is brought to life! Fort Worth is the perfect destination for travelers to experience the cowboy lifestyle. Fort Worth Stockyards will instantly catapult travelers back in time, with 19th-century reenactments, the world’s only twice-daily longhorn cattle drives, weekly city rodeos, and a plethora of western-wear shops and cowboy-style saloons.

You will feel like you stepped right on the set of 1883 as you witness real Texas cow hands skillfully herd a herd of longhorns down East Exchange Avenue. Watch in awe as the veteran brawlers navigate the streets on their cow ponies, quickly diverting or strapping down any longhorn that falls out of order. These longhorn drives take place twice a day, at 11:30 AM and 4:00 PM

woman barrel racing at the Cowtown Colesium rodeo venue in Fort Worth, TX
Visit Fort Worth

The Cowtown Coliseum hosts the Stockyard’s weekly rodeos, where you can experience the exciting competition between modern cowboys and cowgirls. Spectators gather every Friday and Saturday night to watch rough-and-tumble events like bull riding, team roping, and barrel races. If you’ve never seen someone clinging to a huge bucking bull, making the eight-second goal feel like an eternity, or a horse galloping at breakneck speed to spin a dime around a ton, you’re missing out. . We dare to bet on it 1883The narrator, the strong-willed Elsa Dutton, would have become quite the racer in her day.

Before going to the rodeo, make sure you are equipped for the role. The Stockyards has plenty of western clothing stores to turn any city dweller into a cowboy in an instant. Be sure to check out Flea Style to pick out and customize your very own Stetson cowgirl hat before heading to Lazy J’s Ranchwear for the perfect plaid top and a pair of Wrangler jeans. Of course, don’t forget the boots and belt! ML Leddy’s immediately envelops shoppers with a sweet-smelling leather aroma and offers handmade cowboy boots, belt buckles and other leather goods.

Billy Bob's Texas in Fort Worth, Texas Stockyards District
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No Fort Worth experience is complete without enjoying a drink in an authentic saloon or dancing the night away on a Texas-sized dance floor. We recommend walking through the authentic wooden swing doors to poop in the Stockyard Saloon bar before playing a game of billiards. If you’re looking for a little more excitement, Billy Bob’s Texas is one of the city’s jewels, a 100,000-square-foot entertainment center. Once used to house livestock for the Fort Worth Stock Sale, the building retains its authentic roots. Guests will be greeted with a quick historical video of the building, complete with soothing narration by country music star George Strait. Today, Billy Bob’s still hosts the country’s biggest names in its concert halls, offers tasty Texas barbecues, and even hosts live bull riding events. View their full event calendar here.

For even more ways to experience Fort Worth and live your own life 1883style experience, watch:

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