2022 Fantasy Baseball Points League Rankings

Welcome RotoBallers to our early League Ranking for Fantasy Baseball Points in 2022 for points competitions and mutual (H2H) points competitions. We couldn’t be happier with the release of several fantasy baseball rankings and fantasy baseball articles for the 2022 season – it’s always an exciting time of year. In general, points competitions and H2H point formats are extremely poorly served by the fantasy baseball community and fantasy baseball shops. But in case you didn’t know, here at RotoBaller we are really proud of it and we specialize in points competitions. Throughout the preseason and MLB season, we will be publishing rankings, tools, and analysis articles, all focused on fantasy baseball points and H2H points competitions.

In this article below, we’ll take a look at our early overall rankings, compiled by RotoBaller’s leading fantasy baseball points analyst Nicklaus Gaut. Below you can see his early fantasy baseball rankings for 2022, which will of course be regularly updated during opening day in our main dashboard for 2022 fantasy baseball rankings. Be sure to bookmark that page and download our free fantasy baseball mobile app so you can keep up to date with all the MLB news and analysis articles.

Before we get to the rankings themselves, let’s take a quick look at points leagues and how they differ from other formats. Points leagues typically have different league settings and scoring formats than other fantasy baseball leagues. Different MLB stats and categories are assigned different point values ​​and may vary by league settings. Those different points buckets are then added up over the course of a scoring period or season. In many cases, batters with more runs and fewer strikeouts are preferred for points competitions. Also, many league formats tend to give more weight to pitchers than usual as they can easily accumulate points through categories such as Innings Pitched. These are the general frameworks we use for our points leaderboards below, explaining why they look different from the more standard 5×5 roto fantasy baseball rankings.

Editor’s Note: Stay tuned for our off-season MLB news and fantasy analytics. Read our daily fantasy articles on MLB prospects, off-season moves, breakthrough candidates and more.

Let’s go!

Top 400 Fantasy Baseball Points Ranking

These rankings are for points and mutual points competitions. You can also check out our early 5×5 mixed league roto rankings.

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