Champions crowned in annual Springfield bowling event

At one end of King Pin Lanes on Sunday, Lisa Timm rode to her second Florence Scott Women’s 600 Club Round the Town Tournament title.

In the center of the bowling center, Tom Adcock’s 4-7-10 split on his last ball gave David Bartlett a one-pin win in the Elmer C. Fischer Men’s 700 Club Round the Town. Bartlett, of Bloomington, went into the 18-game final over three days with a nine-pin lead over Adcock, of Decatur.

Exciting finish

Paired with four other bowlers at Lanes 19-20, Bartlett hit on 10 of 12 chances in the final game, including the last six in a row, finishing with a 259.

Meanwhile, Adcock went reserve strike-spare to start the final before merging attacks from the fourth frame to the second ball of the 10th frame. Several score watchers in the crowd gathered behind the pair of lanes, muttering updates as Adcock performed for his final three throws of the game.

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