Olga Korbut’s Banned Dead Loop Is Taking The Internet By Storm

Legendary gymnast Korbut had carved a niche for herself in the sport by showing off her incredible talent and skills, especially at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich.

On Sunday (Jan 16), a video of her performing the dead loop, otherwise known as

Korbut flip
, took the internet by storm.


NY Daily News
, reported that the


or the

Korbut flip

was banned because there was a high risk involved.

The dead loop was performed by standing on a high bar, performing a backflip and grabbing the bar again.

Korbut, who represented the former Soviet Union at the 1972 Munich Olympics, was the first and the last to perform that stunt.

The gymnast was a star at the 72nd Munich Games, where her high-level acrobatics and open gymnastics brought her much fame and admiration.

According to the


information, at the 172 Munich Games, Korbut was one of the favorites for the all-rounder after her dynamic performance in the team competition; however, she missed her mount three times and the title went to teammate Ludmilla Tourischeva.

That said, Korbut won three gold medals in the balance beam, floor exercise and team competitions. In one of the most controversial finishes of all time, she took a silver medal in the uneven bars.

Korbut’s first attempt at her uneven bars routine was marred by several mistakes that virtually ended her chances of winning a gold medal in the all-around. The next day, Korbut repeated the same routine in the final, but this time with success.

After the boards displayed a score of 9.8, the audience began to whistle disapprovingly at the judges, thinking her score was too low, though they refused to change her score.

nicknamed the

Sparrow from Minsk
Korbut won four gold medals and two silver medals at two Olympic Games – 1972 (Munich) and 1976 (Montreal) – competing under the banner of the Soviet Union.

The ace gymnast was also the inaugural inductee of the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame in 1988.

And 50 years later, Korbut and her famous dead loop from the 1972 Munich Games are still the talk of the town!

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