Rwanda: Volleyball – Local clubs could face a period of difficulties as FIVB sanction bites

Local volleyball clubs could soon find themselves in trouble if the interim sanctions imposed on Rwanda by the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) are left in place.

The sanctions were imposed on the local volleyball federation last year and penalized the country for drafting ineligible players during the 2021 African Women’s Volleyball Championship held in Kigali in September.

If nothing changes, the local federation will not organize or organize a competition until September 2023, because the sanctions prohibit it, among other things.

Because of this, people familiar with the game fear that clubs could find themselves in a difficult situation where they could even stop paying their staff.

“Clubs pay players every month. Now when there is no competition it becomes difficult to pay the players, but the clubs do not work. It can become difficult for the clubs to find partners and sponsors, and this can seriously affect their finances affect.” said Geoffrey Zawadi, president of the REG volleyball club.

Vincent ‘Gasongo’ Dusabimana, a player of REG Volleyball Club, thought about the opportunities that players will miss if there is no sporting action in the country.

“There are several challenges that players face when no leagues are organized in the country. For example, if there is no league, there is no opportunity to qualify to play in continental leagues, but they are very important to bring us fame give,” he said.