Search for new Taranaki Rugby boss after Laurence Corlett sacked

Laurence Corlett has resigned as chief executive of Taranaki Rugby.


Laurence Corlett has resigned as chief executive of Taranaki Rugby.

The search for a new Taranaki Rugby boss has begun after CEO Laurence Corlett resigned.

Corlett, who has been employed for nearly two years, cited the demands of the job and a desire to spend more time with his family as the top reasons for his decision to quit.

“It’s been a hectic two years, very busy, and now that my two teenage boys are finishing high school, I really want to spend time with them,” he said.

Corlett said he was proud of the way he had led the union through the unavailability of Yarrow Stadium, the challenge of coping with Covid-19, the fact that he had helped put the union in a better financial position, the employing key commercial and high-quality performance personnel while simultaneously seeing Taranaki win the NPC Championship in an undefeated 2021 season.

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However, having to undergo a major restructuring of staff and cutting costs across the union due to Taranaki Rugby’s financial situation had an impact on the staff, players and programs they were able to deliver, which has been a major challenge been, he said.

Taranaki Rugby chairman Andrew Thompson said leading a provincial union in the current climate is an arduous task, but there was nothing behind the scenes to fuel Corlett’s resignation.

Taranaki won the NPC Championship during Laurence Corlett's tenure as chief executive.

Andy Jackson/Getty Images

Taranaki won the NPC Championship during Laurence Corlett’s tenure as chief executive.

Thompson was bitterly disappointed by some of the rumors circulating.

“Some of them are just absolutely awful and there’s just no truth to them at all,” he said.

Thompson said Corlett’s resignation was an opportunity for Taranaki Rugby to reset.

“Laurence has entered and is leaving the organization in a much healthier state than when he picked it up.”

Thompson felt the union was in a good position to start with, with head coach Neil Barnes for at least another year, the prospect of returning to home ground at Yarrow Stadium on the horizon, as well as retaining a core squad of players.

A key feature for any incoming boss would be the ability to network in a number of areas, with a focus on improving subpar training facilities a key point to get out of players’ end-of-season ratings, he said.

“We need someone who can work well with councils and networks to support us when we get back to the stadium, to make sure we have something to say about that.”

The union would soon advertise the position “to see who was around” and Thompson made no hiding that it would be a challenging job.

He hoped they’d have someone on the job by the end of March.

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