Video Shows Workman Diving To Catch Baby Falling Off Couch: ‘Dad Reflex’

Reddit users have praised an HVAC worker who made a spectacular dive to catch a falling 1-year-old child.

New York-based Redditor wheresmydolphin shared a video of the daring dive into the “HumansBeing Bros” Subreddit, a 3.1 million people group dedicated to helping people do incredible things.

The post was titled “Local HVAC Contractor Dives to Catch My 1-Year-Old,” giving a glimpse of the incredible reaction that would be seen.

The 58-second clip, recorded on January 11, begins with two workers moving a large unit while a father holds the main door open so they can remove the bulky item.

Eager to help, the father puts his son on the couch before pushing a chair aside so that the two workers have a clear path to the door. But nervous viewers would have seen the baby move on the couch and cry when the child appeared to fall.

Without missing a beat, one of the workers dives to catch the baby and gently held it until the father picked it up.

As of Monday afternoon, the video has been updated more than 113,000 times and received dozens of comments.

It wasn’t long before other Reddit users were praising the employee, and many also commented on how quick kids can be on their feet.

One poster said in the comment section: “People don’t know how fast kids really are. I’ve been diving myself.”

A second user commented, “Annuals are the smoothest thing in the known universe. Good catch.”

Another commenter simply added, “Give that guy a raise.”

A fourth said, “That’s some daddy reflex energy.”

A Reddit user revealed that watching the clip was a slightly terrifying experience.

He said: “As a new dad, this is my worst nightmare. My daughter is fearless and will run at full throttle to the end of the bed. Needless to say, she’s not allowed in bed unless Mom or Dad is with her.”

The original poster later shared his thoughts on what happened in a reply, writing: “My local HVAC contractor and apprentice was replacing a broken gas boiler and I put my 1-year-old son on the couch who is now over in able to lift itself up and down safely I turned around for a split second as shown in the video and I see the contractor diving in. I couldn’t thank him enough afterwards I absolutely treated my son like his. “

news week has contacted wheresmydolphin for comment.

In 2021, a family in California publicly thanked an anonymous jogger who had selflessly saved their pets from a house fire after alerting them via their Ring doorbell.

The jogger’s actions led to the family’s two dachshunds, a rabbit and a cat, being rescued from the fire, which eventually remained in the garage.

Scotts Valley homeowner Courtney Polito told ABC7 at the time, “I saw him running back and forth. So I replied and he said, ‘Hi, do you see smoke coming out of your roof?'”

Stock image of baby boy. The child was rescued by a worker who quickly dived to catch him.

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