Will David Ortiz make it and Barry Bonds not?

How much does popularity count when you vote? Does your personal view of the person exceed the candidate’s views, principles and achievements?

From voting for US president to mayor to the baseball Hall of Fame, popularity counts. It is inherent in all of us.

Think of this year’s Hall of Fame voting. The results will be announced next week and there are indications that David Ortiz, affectionately known as Big Papi, will be elected on this, his first, ballot.

Make no mistake, Ortiz is well worth the introduction. He had monstrous playoff numbers and helped the Boston Red Sox franchise to triple World Series titles.

Let’s put steroids aside for a moment. Ortiz was named as a user in some reports, while fellow Hall candidates Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez were always believed to have taken performance-enhancing drugs (PED). Rodriguez was even banned for a season!

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