BOWLING: Western’s Hunt, Pulsipher Qualify For Semi-State | Sport

Western’s Carter Hunt and Trenton Pulsipher qualified as individuals for the semi-state high school bowling after passing the Regional Saturday at Heritage Lanes. All local teams failed to advance.

The scores were low due to the difficult tournament oil pattern. All teams struggled as it was a challenge to get the ball into the pocket and convert spares. There was a small margin of error compared to the normal home shot used during the regular season.

Hunt had games of 195, 224 and 193 for a 612 series, finishing in fifth place and missing the stepladder final by 15 pins. Pulsipher was consistent with games of 177, 194 and 193 for a 564 series, finishing in 11th place and qualifying for half state with just six pins. Half the state is in Richmond on Saturday.

For the other local individual boys, Haydn Hunt from Western had matches of 200, 154 and 168 for a 522 series, finishing in 20th place. He missed qualifying by 40 pins. Western’s Justin Davis had games of 138, 179 and 155 for a 472 series, finishing in 31st place.

For the girls, Western’s Marianna Hunt had games of 177, 157 and 150 for a 484 series to finish 11th and missed qualifying by just eight pins. It was disappointing as she was in position to continue but missed several spares late in game three, including chopping the six-pin off the 10-pin in frame 10.

Isabella Hummel of Kokomo had games of 188, 157 and 129 for a 474 series to finish 13th and missed qualifying by 18 pins. Hummel was also in position to continue but struggled to convert spares into game three. Western’s Shelby Anderson had games of 105, 134 and 149 for a 388 series, finishing in 20th place.

For the team event, the Western guys started slow with baker sized games of 134, 155, 158, 166, 160 and 147 who were in eighth place after the first six games and 79 pins from the cut line to advance. For the next three games, Western improved his position to sixth and 37 pins from the cut line with games of 148, 165 and 235.

Western then had a 136 game that really hurt his position with only two games left. It then came back with a 222 game and needed a good last game to have a chance. It got strikes in frames seven, eight and nine, but opened in frame 10 to an 181 game. Western finished in fifth place, just 16 pins short to continue. Western average 167.

Western’s total of 12 bakery games this year was just 8 pins lower than last year when it advanced as No. 3 and won the regional tournament.

Due to a different number of teams in each region, there was the opportunity for a wildcard team to advance. After all regional results were collected, Western narrowly missed the wildcard position by only six pins.

Kokomo’s coed team averaged 148 and finished in ninth place.


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