partners with Envy to support Botez Sisters at New Envy Content House has teamed up with Envy to support the Botez Sisters in their new adventures as they move into the Los Angeles Envy Content House. The sisters will share their roof with other star creators – former PogChamps contestants JustaMinx and CodeMiko’s Technician. is a founding member of the Envy Content House and will support Envy and the Botez sisters in 2022.

The Botez sisters move into the Envy Content House. Photo: Courtesy of Envy.

To celebrate the occasion, the housemates invite their best friends to a housewarming party on stream on January 25. Fans will have the chance to party with the girls and enjoy one of the main attractions of the Envy Content House: a life-size themed chessboard! The Botez sisters play their first chess game in the house and may even try IM Danny Rensch’s human ball chess.

Envy Content House Justa Minx Botez Sisters
JustaMinx is moving in with Alexandra and Andrea Botez. Photo: Courtesy of Envy.

The inaugural chess match on a huge board is just a taste of all the great chess content to come. The Envy Content House’s unique infrastructure gives the sisters the tools they need to bring even better chess and IRL content to all their fans. The central Los Angeles location will also make it easier for the sisters to collaborate with many of the wildly successful creators who live there and further promote chess to a new audience.

“This partnership represents’s continued investment to support creators and bring Chess into the spotlight,” said Danny Rensch, CCO of “ is committed to bringing ‘online content stars’ into the ‘real world’ and we believe in creating unique and special experiences for fans, both online and in person,” he added.

We believe in creating unique and special experiences for fans, both online and in person.
— Danny Rensch is excited to be a part of this new chapter in the Botez sisters’ lives and can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Envy Content House Botez Giant Bullet
Will we see Danny play more Giant Chess Exhibition matches at the Envy Content House?

Join the housewarming party and watch Envy’s exclusive content by tuning into their YouTube channel at January 25 at 7am PST/16pm CET. You can also keep up with more of Envy’s content by following them on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

Envy Content House Botez Sisters
Join the girls for a housewarming party on January 25th. Photo: Courtesy of Envy.

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