Releases Competitions With $50,000 Match

UPDATE: Leagues are now live for all members. Thank you for your patience and we hope you enjoy the new feature!

Looking for yet another way to have fun playing!? Then today is your lucky day as we are excited to announce a new feature: Leagues are now live for all members!

Earn trophies just by playing games like you normally do! Advance to the next league without any pressure as you can never lose a level. Leagues Feature

And maybe the best part? Get there early and you can win money.

Earn Trophies

You already play a lot on The main way to track your progress is your assessment, but sometimes you need a different kind of motivation.

Now you can be rewarded for playing regardless of your rating. You still have to win (or draw), but the strength of the opposition doesn’t matter. Just keep playing the games you already play! Leagues Feature
Collect trophies to progress. The longer the time control, the more points you earn for wins and draws.

And how do you collect trophies to progress? By playing, and by playing well! All that matters is how many prized wins and draws you score against random challengers. Under this system, you don’t have to worry about higher rated players barring you from progressing, but you also can’t lose every game to move up the ranks! You also don’t have to worry about someone challenging much lower rated players to spam unrated games.

You can also win trophies faster by scoring wins and draws in Arena tournaments that already take place regularly on the site! Each point you score during an Arena is worth one additional trophy on top of the trophies you earned during the tournament. (For example, if you score 12 Arena points and earn 17 trophies, you will receive a total of 29 trophies.)

We’ve also added a few rules to make the League experience more exciting and fair for everyone. You will not receive trophies for games that last less than 10 moves or after your third win against the same opponent. You also don’t get trophies for games played in non-standard time controls, such as hyperbullet. Finally, you can earn trophies by drawing or winning Chess960 games, but other variants don’t give you trophies.

Get promoted

And what do these trophies bring you? Well, every week you and 49 other players are grouped into a division, and at the end of the week, the top players in each division move on to the next.

Everyone starts their first week in the Wood League. Can you make it all the way to Legend? Leagues Feature
The higher you go, the harder it gets to move forward. How far are you going to make it?

In the lowest division, the top 20 of the 50 players advance each week. However, as you level up, it gets harder, and by the end only the Champion League winner joins the Legends!

Once you progress to a higher league, you cannot fall back. So if you need to take a short break (but we hope not!), don’t worry about losing your progress.


Now for the real goodies: lots of premium memberships and lots of cold, hard cash. To celebrate the release of this great feature, is giving away $50,000 and 200 diamond memberships. The first 200 players to reach the Champion League will win Diamond Membership for a year, but the competition doesn’t end there.

As soon as our first Champion League starts, those 50 players will want to keep earning trophies, because if you keep doing it right, there could be as much as $10,000!

rank Price
1st $10,000
2nd $7,500
3rd $5,000
4th-10th $1,000 each
11th-50th $200 each

If a second division of the Champion League opens at the same time, players in that division can still win prizes, as follows:

rank Price
1st $1,000
2nd $750
3rd $500
4th ending $200

Update: The streamer contest described below has now closed on 1/16/2022. Thanks to those who participated! Affiliate Streamers have an additional $10,000 in prizes available. For the next four weeks, we’ll be giving away $1,000 per week to the five partner streamers who collected the most trophies during the week.

rank Price
1st $400
2nd $200
3rd $200
4th $100
5th $100

The top trophy earners, among the Partner Streamers, over the four weeks will also participate in our $6K Multi-Club Arena Final, with $2,000 going to the winner.

rank Price rank Price
1st $2,000 6th $200
2nd $1,250 7th $200
3rd $750 8th $200
4th $500 9th $200
5th $500 10th $200


There is no need to participate as you are automatically entered into competitions by playing games. Get ready to start chasing those prizes!

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