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Already featured in the Australian boxing history books, Justis Huni could now become the subject of medical journals after he appeared to contract Covid-19 for the second time, just days after overcoming his first infection.

The Australian heavyweight champion became worryingly ill with the virus during his Christmas training camp in the US before finally returning home last Friday after making a full recovery and receiving a negative PCR test.

But after waking up from a post-training nap at home in Brisbane on Saturday with body aches, he tested positive again.

The latest positive result came a few weeks after Huni’s original test in Los Angeles, although fortunately this infection has caused much milder symptoms, sparking speculation that Huni contracted the Delta variant in the US and Omicron on his journey home.

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Things have not gone according to plan for Justis Huni to start the year.Source: Getty Images

“I can’t believe my luck to be honest! It’s crazy that I’m positive again, but the good thing is that this time I feel fine – apart from a few aches in my body – so I will go back to the gym tomorrow when my isolation period is over,” Huni says.

“In the US I was really really sick the first time – I couldn’t even move – just turning over in bed was painful and very hard and it was worst on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Honestly I would probably go to the hospital I would have gone if I could get out of bed but I just waited it out and eventually got better In the last week there I went back to training and just sweated it out.”

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Despite the Covid-19 drama, the heavyweight has labeled his US camp a huge success after making technical breakthroughs with LA-based Australian trainer Justin Fortune.

“It’s amazing what we’ve accomplished in a few weeks and a handful of sparring sessions. Some things really clicked there with Justin and the main thing was just the way I used my strength,” Huni says.

“People always compliment me on my speed after sparring, but with these little tweaks I was making with Justin, they all just wanted to talk about my strength — even my jabs were hurting!”

The 22-year-old plans to return to the US for a month-long training camp after his next bout with official announcements about Huni’s new schedule for 2022 to be made in the coming days.

“My hands feel really good after the issues I had last year and that’s all fully recovered and now hopefully all this virus stuff behind me so I’m just looking forward to getting back to training and getting my first full camp since de (Paul) Gallen camp, then have a very big 2022. ”


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