Mexican League MX Clubs Release Awesome Kits Inspired by Masked Wrestlers

Dramatic, controversial and often blurring the lines between sports and entertainment, it’s easy to find common ground between Liga MX and wrestle, the style of wrestling in which masked fighters performed stunning acrobatics, one of the country’s most colorful exports. But what happens when you combine both ideas into one concept?

Football kit designs have become more and more adventurous in recent years — think the Tottenham Hotspur “cosmic” shirt they’re wearing on the road this season, or the Manchester City paisley shirt that topped ESPN’s rankings last season. Premier League kits could stand — but overall, they’re still way behind the mass dazzle of wrestling outfits.

Mexican kit manufacturer Charly has done its part to change that, bringing together two of the country’s most celebrated and beloved forms of entertainment. In partnership with Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide, a professional wrestling promotion based in Mexico City that is celebrating its 30th anniversary, Charly released some spectacular third kits for six Liga MX clubs during the Clausura 2022 season.

Atlas, Leon, Pachuca, Queretaro, Santos Laguna and Tijuana are the clubs participating in Charly’s “From The Ring To The Field” project, and the kits all feature vibrant and eye-catching wrestle imagery. The results are astonishing, comparable to the special range of kits released by the same manufacturer in 2020 to celebrate Mexico’s Day of the Dead.

The designs were first unveiled in December and Santos Laguna was the first team to wear their special wrestle uniform in a match when they clashed with Tigres last week.

Thinking outside the box — or the ring, if you will — Charly also created six new masked wrestling characters, one for each club. Check out the six contenders below, then choose your fighter! (You can buy these sets here.)

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Wrestler: The Academic

A fighter true to his lineage and his people, who has triumphed for generations through their devotion to the red-and-black in their hearts. The priority of El Academico is to preserve the essence of the sport, where love for aesthetically pleasing, but effective, wrestle reign supreme. If grappler puts that style first, he might also be an Arsenal and Atlas fan.

It seems fitting that the most daring design belongs to the reigning titleholders. Plastered with text in the classic style of promotional wrestling posters, Atlas’s brilliant kit will easily catch your eye when worn in the 2022 Clausura. Before last season, Atlas’ seasoned supporters went on for 70 years before giving their team a new Liga at the end of 2021. saw MX trophy win. Under the organized and efficient playing style of coach Diego Cocca, a second championship in a row could lie within the team. to grasp.

Wrestler: Leonidas

From the historic Arco de la Calzada (the emblem of the city of Leon), Leonidas stands tall as the region’s guardian. Every match in the ring for Leonidas is an opportunity to show that a lion really is as brave as it seems. With his uncompromising presence, regional pride and signature haircut, he is the Carles Puyol of the wrestling world.

Leonidas and eight stars representing eight Liga MX titles are both seen here in a vibrant black and green configuration. With three finals and one Liga MX Championship since 2019, Leon is one of the most daring and daring Mexican teams of recent years. After narrowly losing a trophy last season, the club is sure to roar in these kits.

Wrestler: Eternal Resistance

As seen in his countless battles with competitors, Queretaro’s pride — known as The white roosters (The White Roosters) — was born to fight. Resistencia Eterna’s presence above others in the ring reminds them that when the rooster crows, people get up.

In addition to the Resistencia Eterna mask, this blue and white jersey also features images of rooster feathers, a reference to the team’s nickname. Despite Brazilian Ronaldinho once (briefly) being on his books in the 2014-15 season, Queretaro is one of a handful of top clubs that have yet to win a Liga MX title. We’ll see if this kit catches the eye of another great player who can help him get that first trophy.

Wrestler: Super Award

In the state of Hidalgo, where Pachuca’s academy produces some of the best young players in the country, a new legend is born with the introduction of Super Tuzo. As the ‘Icon of the Windy Beauty’, Super Tuzo proudly represents the city of Pachuca and reminds all opponents that the sky is his ally, so expect plenty of wild diving from the top rope.

Influenced by old-school promotional posters, Pachuca’s bold blue-and-pink design is covered in pop art-style stamped graphics of Super Tuzo. Like all other sweaters in this line, this one also includes a fighter mask-like collar at the front. Founded by English miners in the late 1800s, Pachuca is the oldest club in Mexican football. Known for developing exciting young talent, we’re likely to see some promising stars-to-be sprinting across the field this season wearing these flashy jerseys.

Wrestler: Warrior Spirit

In a short time, the desert dweller Espiritu Guerrero has made a name for himself as a fighter for all. Empowered by the support of thousands of people in the Comarca Lagunera region of northern Mexico, the wrestler and his team share a common goal: fight until you win.

Paired with a prominent image of Espiritu Guerrero, Santos Laguna’s faded green-and-white design is reminiscent of the sun shining brightly on the desert city of Torreon. Santos Laguna’s “Warrior Spirit” is one of the main reasons the club has a tendency to always go above and beyond, transforming itself from a mediocre newcomer in the 1980s to a title contender in the 21st century. With three Liga MX championships since 2012, another could be coming for the side that regularly beats the competition’s traditional behemoths.

Wrestler: Rey Xolo

Like the club he represents, Rey Xolo is one of the youngest competitors in his field, but according to folklore, his soul resides and rules in Mictlan, an Aztec underworld. In this mythical land, he is protected by a revered pack of canines known as: Xoloitzcuintles. He may not be a championship contender right now, but he will fight knowing that every dog ​​has his day.

With Rey Xolo front and center, Club Tijuana’s traditional reds and blacks are featured here in a strong design for Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente, better known as Club Tijuana or Xolos. Founded in 2007, Club Tijuana is one of the newest teams in the Liga MX. After finishing last in the 2021 Apertura tournament, these jerseys just might give the club that much-needed extra bite they’re looking for. Tijuana and Charly are no strangers to trying out new ideas, but they also made headlines in 2019 for their Star Wars-inspired kit—which, of course, included Stormtroopers taking to the field to assist with the pre-match reveal.

All images courtesy of Charly


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