MIAA Now Has Roadmap to 12-Minute Quarters for Football Championships at Gillette Stadium

The success of the New England Revolution season and the opportunity to host a playoff game on the first Saturday in December prompted the Kraft Sports Group and the MIAA to get creative when planning the 2021 high school football championships in Gillette. Stage.

Their audible resulted in eight Super Bowls played over three consecutive days, Dec. 1-3, with 12-minute quarters, according to the regular season game script length under National Federation guidelines. That format, and its success — played in front of a total of 21,600 spectators (up 2,000 from 2019) — could pave the way for adjustments to Gillette’s two-day slate in the future.

In a virtual meeting with the MIAA Football Committee Wednesday, associate executive director Richard Pearson said the goal will be to schedule three Super Bowls at Gillette, starting at 3:30 p.m. the first Friday in December, followed by five Super Bowls that Saturday.

All games would be played with 12-minute quarters, instead of the 10-minute quarters used in previous seasons for a six-game slate on Saturday.

After the first statewide tournament, the committee also began addressing concerns with the new power rating system that determined the placings and qualifications for all eight divisions.

On behalf of the Massachusetts High School Football Coaches Association, Milton coach Steve Dembowski asked if the power rating formula could be revised to adapt it before the next football season.

The formula, which combines the margin of victory with the strength of the scheme, does not take wins and losses into account. Teams that played at conferences with weaker overall records, suffered in the selection process despite setting excellent records, and a few teams with one or two losses completely missed the tournament. In Division 7, West Bridgewater was 6-1 at the time of sowing, but was not in the top 16 in the power divisions. The Wildcats finished 8-2 (and 15th PR). Algonquin (D2: 6-2; 8-3 overall) and Worcester Tech (D5: 7-1; 8-3) were two other examples.

Dennis-Yarmouth CEO Paul Funk, formerly the head coach at DY, reiterated the feeling that wins and losses should become a bigger factor in the power ratings.

Dembowski also asked if the margin for victory could be further analyzed.

Currently, the system awards teams with the same margin of victory for any win with 14 or more points, but the MHSFCA may prefer that the limit be closer to 21 points, a margin that really allows coaches to take their foot off the proverbial accelerator pedal. to get.

Committee members also indicated that they should send the seedlings and clutches to the teams more quickly next season. Due to a rainstorm that caused several postponements on the last Friday of the regular season last November, the pairs for the state tournament were not released until Sunday evening, leaving the coaches limited time to prepare for the training week.

According to Pearson, the MIAA’s tournament management committee (which meets Thursday) will need to analyze past year results from all three of the past year’s athletic seasons before making changes to ability or grading after the season.

The soccer committee will meet again at MIAA headquarters in Franklin on March 1, unless health and safety protocols dictate that a virtual meeting is the best course of action. Further discussion of asset classes is likely to be on the agenda.

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