New Yorkers react to closure of slot-car racing destination Buzz-A-Rama

Another day, another loss for New York. Buzz-a-Rama, the beloved slot-car racing spot that has been operating in Kensington, Brooklyn for nearly 60 years, has officially closed its doors.

A true neighborhood operation, it was also home to vintage arcade games and replacement parts displays for the cars. According to Gothamist, it was “probably the last slot-car racing joint in New York City.”

Buzz and Dolores Perri first opened Buzz-A-Rama in 1965. Sadly, the couple passed away in May 2021 with only ten days apart from COVID-19. Their son Frank had taken over the business, but he decided to close the shop because, as he told Gothamist, it made no financial sense to keep it going, as taxes alone were $50,000 a year.

Frank is currently selling the store’s inventory, and New Yorkers are invited to stop by at 69 Church Avenue through Sunday around 4 p.m.

Like recent news of the Court Street Regal theater’s sudden closure, the Buzz-A-Rama shutter has drawn reactions from New Yorkers of all ages.

Here are some of the most heartfelt ones posted on social media, plus a video from the space that also shows the deceased owners:

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