Production C8 Corvette takes off at Bowling Green Assembly

The General Motors Bowling Green assembly plant is back up and running, blasting C8 Corvettes off the production line, despite a windfall in early December. The factory even took advantage of a rare Saturday shift to increase numbers and better than ever before. And while the factory is actively trying to avoid a strike, this is nevertheless good news and could lead to more sales.

GM sold 33,042 C8 Corvettes in America last year, an increase of 53 percent, and the best supercar since 2015. That milestone is significant, as 2015 was the third year the C7 came to market (the C8 is also in the third year), and when the Z06 of that generation was introduced. You may remember it as ‘Big Nasty’. This year there will also be a new Z06.

Image Via GM.

The Bowling Green assembly plant had been the victim of a series of severe tornadoes last year, causing a fire on the museum’s roof and signage to blow more than 30 miles away. The damage was extensive enough to justify huge insurance claims, including the total loss of approximately 120 Corvette vehicles. However, things now seem to be getting back on track as the assembly plant has produced a staggering 1,036 C8 Corvettes in the past week.

That number is special for a number of reasons. For starters, it surpasses the weekly target of 920 vehicles by 120. Another reason these numbers are surprising is that while the factory rarely hits that target of 920, it averaged about 854 cars last November. Corvette Blogger after. That means it surpassed its usual weekly production by 182 vehicles, which is huge for assembling highly capable street machines like the C8 Corvette. The last Corvette to roll off the assembly plant on Saturday was VIN #12059. The factory was closed Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which could explain the call for a Saturday shift. The next expected production shutdown will come in April before Easter, where the factory will close from April 15-18.

The Bowling Green Assembly factory has been a mainstay in the Corvette building heritage. It has been the exclusive home of Corvettes since 1981. The factory will be responsible for the production of the 2023 Z06. We do know that of those 1,036 Corvettes built, none of them were Z06s, as production is expected in May of this year, hopefully we’ll know how much the Z06 cost before that time. You can catch a glimpse of the Z06 as it embarks on its dealer tour.

2023 C8 Corvette Z06 LT6
Image via Chevrolet

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