“Tom Brady is the best ever, hockey, cricket, croquet”: Chris Godwin hilariously crowned Buccaneers quarterback the best at everything after Super Bowl 55 win

Tom Brady is widely regarded as the greatest quarterback of all time, but Chris Godwin also called him the best at multiple sports that he doesn’t even play.

When the Buccaneers won the Super Bowl last year, emotions were all over the place. Although it was Brady’s seventh Super Bowl win, for many players it was their first ever taste of NFL glory.

Players like Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Lavonte David, who had long-standing individual success but never felt like a champion, took it all in after the final whistle sounded, perhaps in disbelief that they stood on that stage, celebrate with everyone else.

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Chris Godwin had more than one coronation for Tom Brady after Super Bowl 55

An instrumental of the 55 Super Bowl winners, Chris Godwin was one of many players to revel in victory after a 31-9 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Godwin didn’t do much in the Super Bowl, but that’s because the Buccaneers offense overall didn’t have to do much to win that game. Brady only finished with 201 passing yards as the Buccaneers defense repeatedly put pressure on Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs, forcing turnovers and more often than not giving the Bucs offense a great starting position.

Mahomes ended the day with one of his worst stats. He finished the day throwing 26/49 passes for 270 yards with no touchdowns and two interceptions. Chiefs offense also failed to score a touchdown.

After the game, Chris Godwin shared an incredible moment with his fiancé as the two made ‘snow angels’ in the pile of confetti on the pitch.

Godwin also gave credit to his quarterback, calling him the greatest ever in football and a whole list of other sports. You can see Godwin talking about Brady after the win in the clip below at approximately 6:03 AM:

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