Why the Australian misfit is a blessing tennis needs right now

Tennis has been in the news for all the wrong reasons in recent weeks and for once Nick Kyrgios didn’t play the part of the bad guy.

Over the course of his explosive career, stories of Kyrgios more often than not relate to his ostentatious behavior on and off the court, with many traditionalists convinced that the outspoken Aussie had no place in the soft sport of tennis.

Take the view of former British No. 1 Annabel Croft as an example, as she suggested that the maverick Aussie who will face Daniil Medvedev in the second round of the Australian Open is negatively impacting the sport.

“He’s very outspoken and he does things that get a lot of attention,” Croft said last year.

“He’s turned himself into a villain, a pantomime villain. I have to say that after some of the behavior I’ve seen from Nick Kyrgios, I’m not one to really respect much of what he does.”

It’s an opinion shared by many about the game, but Kyrgios’ return after a long hiatus from the match in the first Grand Slam of 2022 provided a welcome diversion from a story that his previous ‘crimes and misdemeanors seemed minor’ . frying.

The circus surrounding the Novak Djokovic visa dispute with the Australian government was a battle that no one ultimately won: Djokovic was sent back to Serbia after initially being granted a visa to enter Australia and tennis drowned by a tidal wave of negativity. have done without.

Those who prefer the finer aspects of the game may have sighed in despair when Kyrgios was presented as the distraction tennis sought in his opening match against Briton Liam Broady in Melbourne, but the joy and madness he injected onto the pitch , was a vaccine everyone would welcome.

I once had the pleasure of warming up on a tennis court next to Kyrgios as he prepared to play at The Boodles event at Stoke Park in 2018 and as you would expect he did not follow tennis etiquette.

Those longstanding guidelines never applied to this outsider who likes to push boundaries, so we shouldn’t be surprised to see Kyrgios warming up with a racket in one hand and a cell phone in the other, while texting.

It was a snapshot of why Kyrgios is so fascinating to tennis aficionados who are fascinated by his eccentricities, while we all know he has a natural talent to match anyone in the game in his day.

His lightning-fast serve is one of the best in tennis, his striking ability is second to none and his entertainment score is off the scale, but it all counts for little as it is diluted by the flaws in his character that he openly admits holding him back. back in sports.

Nick admits that he lacks the dedication, mental toughness and grit it takes to get through two weeks of a Grand Slam event and emerge victorious on the other side.

But every time this 26-year-old lands a job, even those who are hesitant to admit they are tennis aficionados are happy to confess that they are fully involved in the show on the rare occasion when he shows up to play.

Our sport will miss Kyrgios when he finally takes up the part-time career that he openly admits could end at any moment and while he will never follow the code of conduct most people follow, we should all embrace the Kyrgios show now that it is still quiet. on air.

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