Baseball Hall of Fame 2022: Connections with NY Mets Players

On January 25, the Baseball Writers’ Association of America will announce the voting results of the final Hall of Fame vote.

Will Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens make it? How is Alex Rodriguez received? Will Billy Wagner Make a Leap?

All of these questions – and more – will be answered shortly.

For now, here are five players on the ballot who have connections in one way or another with the New York Mets.

Fan Favorite: Billy Wagner

New York Mets' relief pitcher Billy Wagner reacts after beating Derek Jeter of New York Yankees to first base for the final of the game at Yankee Stadium in New York on Saturday, July 1, 2006. The Mets won the game 8 -3.

Mets fans may have a deep interest here: Billy Wagner pitched for the team from 2006 to 2009. In the first three years, the closer threw for a 2.40 ERA in 187 2/3 innings. He earned All-Star nods in 2007 and 2008.

To be clear, Wagner, like almost all relievers, pitched for multiple teams. He started his career with Houston, then went to Philadelphia and then to the Mets. He pitched briefly for Boston and finished his career with Atlanta.

If Wagner were elected, the Mets fans would be celebrating.

The Enemy of the World Series: Roger Clemens

Home plate umpire Charlie Reliford, center, separates New York Mets' Mike Piazza (31) and New York Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens after Clemens threw part of Piazza's bat to Piazza during the first inning of Game 2 of the World Series at New York's Yankee Stadium , in this photo from October 22, 2000.

The Mets twice faced Roger Clemens, who is in his 10th and final year on the ballot, twice in the 1986 World Series.

The Memorable: Game 6, better known as the ‘Buckner Game’.

Clemens started that game for Boston and held the Mets to a run over seven innings. However, the Mets won that game and took the next to capture the second World Series championship in franchise history.

In total, Clemens gave up four runs in 11 1/3 innings against the Mets in that World Series.

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The ‘what-if’ candidate

Chicago's Sammy Sosa shows a victory sign after hitting his 62nd home run of the year for the Cubs on Sunday.  AP Photos

What if Sammy Sosa was traded to the Mets?

In 2000, the Chicago Tribune ran a story stating that there was a buzz around the idea of ​​the Mets and Cubs entering Sosa trade talks. In 2004, the New York Post reported that the two teams discussed the same thing at the GM meetings that fall.

You can find other reports of Sosa-to-the-Mets trading rumors from years ago.

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