Monthly Review: December 2021

Hey chess lovers! A happy new year is just around the corner, and with it an opportunity to look back and catch up on what happened around the site Dec 2021… Let’s go!

  • The biggest story for December – and certainly one of the biggest of 2021 – was the full release of Players League! Now you can earn Trophies by winning qualifying real-time games and competing to be one of the top players in your division of 50 members… If yes, then moving forward to the next League level! Check out the full announcement for more details – and good luck, players!
  • Another extremely cool feature for coaching and rating games went into beta testing in December… Stay tuned for more on the release of Class next month!
  • Find new and useful links to your game Archive and the Leaderboards at the bottom of the Play page side panel…

  • Just in time for the holidays, we’ve upgraded our membership give a present Features – Best of all, you remove the restriction that you must be a member to gift someone a premium membership. 🎁
  • There were two features that got a lot of love last month, with loads of small improvements and fixes: the great new Insights feature, which really helps you get to know yourself as a chess player, and Events, bringing the world’s best chess to a browser near you… Check them out!
  • In Forums and comments, you can now hover over the arrows to see how many up and down voting received a message.
  • Behind the scenes we’re working on some really cool new changes and options for the Member home page and site navigation… Stay tuned for more on this!Automatic suggestion ON!
  • We have a very handy autocomplete function to prevent the use of the Search—for example, in the search field in the left navigation area…
  • Your vs Computer games are now saved to your Archive when you hand them in for a game review. This is less of a “new feature” and more of something we had to do to fix some other issues. Please note that vs. Computer games are also possible deleted from your archive, by opening them and clicking the 🗑 in the side panel.
  • In classes, we’ve added dark mode support for course detail pages.
  • Also in classes, we’ve added a quick link to “More from this author” on the course detail page. Simple!
  • Last but not least, the holiday bots made a return for some seasonal fun in the magical realm of vs computer! ️

Last month, Team iOS released three new updates:

  • 3.9.26 (3), including access to Insights, via a web view and a solution for Offline mode.
  • 3.9.27 (2), adding Players League!
  • 3.9.28 (4), with League improvements and fixes.

In December, the Android team released the version 4.4, including Players League, a new & improved Solo Chess function, and more!

  • 20,970 accounts closed for fair game (including 11 title players).
  • 1,204,344 abuse reports were received.
  • 63.374 stupid actions were taken.
  • 51,779 individual accounts muted.
  • 64,364 accounts closed for abuse.

Average response time: 31 hours.
Total Support Responses: 35,873.
Average quality by member rating: 94% “Great” or better. 🙌
Total number of reviews: 4.059.

And that, some give or take holiday celebrations (and trying to collect some League trophies!), was our December month. Thank you to read aloud, and please let us know what you think in the comments. Of course we’ll be back next month to take a look at the start of ’22… Until then, stay safe and enjoy your chess!

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