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MUMBAI: “Dear red ball, please give me another chance. I’ll make you proud, promise!,” Saurashtra’s left arm Jaydev Unadkat had tweeted, along with a photo of a test match ball in his hand, on Jan. 5, the day the BCCI decided to postpone the Ranji Trophy and all other domestic tournaments due to a covid wave in the country.

The BCCI’s move, while logical given the circumstances, has left India’s domestic cricketers confused and concerned about the whole situation as the Ranji trophy is an important source of both income and opportunity. “The Ranji is extremely important to the majority of us domestic cricketers. It is their main source of livelihood. You get Rs 35,000 per day for playing in the Ranji Trophy. If a player plays all season he can earn anything between Rs 18-20 lakhs Players have EMIs and many other monthly expenses This money is crucial to their survival The other issue is how do you plan ahead for the rest of the season Right now we are confused whether we should practice with the red or white ball,” a well-known domestic player told TOI.
A senior BCCI official this newspaper spoke to said the board is “doing its best” to organize the Ranji trophy this season. “Provided that the covid situation remains under control, we are excited, hopeful and doing our best to organize the Ranji Trophy. Almost all state associations want the Ranji Trophy, which could not be held last time because of Covid-19, The problem is that although the number of hospitalizations and deaths is lower than the previous two covid waves, the number of positive cases (India reported 2,38,018 cases of covid on Tuesday) is still high. come,” he said.
The source listed the various options for the board, if it restarts the Ranji trophy in mid-February, the source said: “The BCCI can go back to the zonal base, which will prevent too much travel, or the Ranji can be held in cities and cities where the situation is improving. For example, the number of cases is steadily falling in Mumbai. Dharamshala and Pondicherry could be good options.”
A major problem for the BCCI is that the Ranji trophy requires a long window to be completed. The IPL is scheduled to begin in the first week of April, with the franchises wanting players a little earlier for a pre-tournament camp. “The BCCI is considering the possibility of playing the competition phase before the IPL and the knockouts after the T20 competition,” the source revealed.
“A major reason why the Ranji trophy should be kept is that the supply line to the Indian test team is seriously affected. You need immediate replacements for Ajinkya Rahane and Cheteshwar Pujara in the test team. If the Ranji trophy is not there, how Do the national selectors know who the players are in shape in red ball cricket? The BCCI is also concerned about this fact,” he said.
“When everything else in the country is running – including trains, buses, flights, offices and factories, why not cricket in a bio-bubble? Why rob so many cricketers of their livelihood. How long have you been playing the Ranji Trophy? Covid is here to stay,” a state association official complained.
However, there are also those who are skeptical about holding the Ranji trophy at this point. “It will be very risky. Even if a player is infected and ends up in a serious condition, the BCCI will be blamed. Cricket cannot be more important than life. It is better to organize the Ranji Trophy after the IPL,” said another board member.


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