Elizabethtown, Manheim Central each take major LL bowling wins | Bowling in high school

It looked like Wednesday would be a big day in Lancaster-Lebanon League bowling at Dutch Lanes.

Would Elizabethtown keep its undefeated record intact? Who would take the lead in Section Three?

Warwick answered one of those questions by handing the Bears their first lost points of the season with a Game 2 win. And Manheim Central answered the other, giving Cocalico a 4-3 lead.

“You throw these top teams into sections one and two. It’s not reality to think you’ll go undefeated,” said Elizabethtown coach Frank Telenko, whose team still finished in the top 5-2 to improve to 54-2. in Section Two, 68-2 in total. “So maybe that monkey is off our proverbial backs.”

Despite the Bears’ success this season – including a record run on Friday – the Warriors had the chance to sweep even into the losing column. Instead, the Warriors (30-12, 37-12) fell further behind.

“We bowled well, so all I wanted these guys to come out of this game was to know that they can beat anyone in the league,” said Warwick coach Neal Vital. “And they chased them the first game and got them the second.”

Meanwhile, Central ended with a bloom in the last game to earn the 4-3 decision after Cocalico won the first game.

“I wasn’t expecting that finish,” said Barons coach Alan Sides after bowler Jesse Hurst completed a 10th-frame comeback by lashing out for a three-pin win, 922-919. “That was a press release.”

Elizabethtown, who posted a mind-boggling 3,617 run against Ephrata on Friday, posted a still impressive 3,270 against Warwick (after a 3,263 Tuesday against Lebanon). The Bears took a 1,112 to 1,070 win in the first game.

But things turned a bit in Game 2 and Warwick, led by a 266 from Brayden Kahler and a 267 from Taylor Miller, took a 1,063 to 1,039 win.

“You have to turn around and look at what they shot and they beat us,” Telenko said. “This is the second opponent in a row to have shot 3,100 and we still won overall. We’re not going to shoot 3,600 every week. We need to take care of our business and do the things we can do.”

Elizabethtown was back in shape in Game 3, winning 1,119-1,038.

“We just approached the same as we approach each game, which is to make good first shots and try to avoid splits as much as possible, and that’s where we got into the second game,” said Daniel Eberle, who led Elizabethtown’s balanced attack. with a 681 series, with the other four at 618 or more.

“You always have to stay in the same place all the time. For me personally you have to keep your feet slow because that’s my biggest problem,” he said of his series.

Ayden Pope had the Bears’ second-highest run, a 675.

“(Tuesday) was our highest (series) and today was just below that,” said Vital, who got a 713 series from Matt Geib and a 707 from Kahler. “So we’ve kind of gained momentum.”

A few lanes down, Ethan Howard led the way with a 588 series for Manheim Central (44-12 section three, 53-24 overall), which took the small lead in section three over Cocalico (43-13, 43-19). Landon Statts added a 582 for the Barons.

For Cocalico, Jared Ferguson threw a 679, giving the Eagles the first game win 962-911, scoring a total of 2,746-2,725.

“As a team, we bowled pretty well,” said Cocalico coach Bryan Miller. “You always think you could have done this, you could have done that.”

“They are a complete team,” he said of the Barons. “They prepared, they threw good attacks when they needed them; they deserved it.”


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