Kalypso Media Announces Matchpoint – Tennis Championships


Kalypso Media and Australian developer Torus Games today announced: match point – Tennis Championships is on the way. The two teams aim to make this an immersive experience that is about as real as stepping onto the pitch can be as if you were playing a big game at Arthur Ashe Stadium or at Wimbledon. Right now, the game is slated for release sometime this spring for PC and all three major consoles, including next-gen. You can check out the latest trailer below along with the list of features they aim to offer.

Credit: Kalypso Media
  • Start your journey in single player or online multiplayer. A deep career mode with a merit-based ranking system ensures accurate and competitive matchmaking.
  • Make your 3D tennis star. Choose your look, fashion and play style with a range of customization options, including lifelike techniques such as left or right handed, one handed or two handed backhand.
  • Dominate the court as a tennis professional. match point – Tennis Championships features 16 true international tennis stars from the professional circuit, including Nick Kyrgios, Kei Nishikori and Amanda Anisimova.
  • Fully customize your athlete and wearables. The game includes equipment from all tennis brands including UNIQLO, HEAD and many more allowing players to use their equipment from rackets to clothing. Unlock special gear by winning competitive matches.
  • Master all strokes and strokes in grand style. Determine the outcome of a rally by choosing the best technique for the time: topspin, flat, lob or slice shot.
  • Take on opponents in local or online matches: Defeat challenging AI opponents or challenge your friends and rivals to a virtual tennis duel.
  • Study your rival’s moves and tactics. Watch your opponents and learn their strengths and weaknesses to gain a tactical advantage before you even hit the field.
  • Practice makes perfect: Hire a personal coach to hone your skills. Improve your strengths and reduce your weaknesses with an in-game coaching system of individual training modules.
  • Fine-tune your tactics in Exercise and Training modes: Dive into various mini-games to hone your perfect game and become a force to be reckoned with on the pitch.
  • Compete in exhibition competitions in spectacular locations around the world. Each job has its unique characteristics; study your playing arenas and adapt your game on grass, clay and clay courts.
  • Replay mode. Capture your fiercest and decisive rallies match points on film and study the results to improve your game.
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