Phyllis Court progress to last eight of National Golf Croquet Federations Shield

PHYLLIS COURT took a thrilling win against visitors Croquet Durham in the National Golf Croquet Federations Shield handicap competition last week.

The hosts, who had to take handicap extra innings in every rubber of the game, started well with a comfortable 7-4, 7-5 win against Roger Goldring (handicap -1) and Raghu Iyer (3) in the morning doubles match.

Both morning singles went into a deciding third game with Phyllis Court’s Ian Norris (disability -1) beating Durham captain Peter Tymms (1) 7-4, 4-7, 7-5 but Robin Coates (0) succumbing ultimately for the visitors’ impressive Tony McCann (3) 7-5, 6-7, 3-7.

This gave Phyllis Court a small 2-1 lead at halftime, but with everything to play for in the four head-to-head games in the afternoon.

Iyer extended that lead with a 7-4, 7-5 defeat of Durham’s Dave Parsons (4) with a guaranteed appearance.

Durham quickly got back into the game as Phyllis Court’s Coates, the All England Handicap Champion, struggled to dish out Roger Carpenter’s three oft-used extra turns (3) and the Durham man won comfortably 4-7, 4-7.

In the head-to-had match number two, Norris had the tough job of holding down McCann three handicapers and although the Phyllis Court man won the hard-won 7-6 first game scoreline, McCann won the next two by 5 -7 , 3-7.

This brought the team match up to 3-3 with only the Goldring vs. Tymms match to complete, with Goldring having done well to recover from a 4-7 loss in the first game and win the second 7-5.

There was a good match at hoop five where Tymms eventually settled into the hoop jaws, forcing Goldring into a “do or die” jump shot that he nailed perfectly, and by the time he repeated the act at the next hoop where all the other players were looking intently at.

The next four hoops were evenly traded until the crucial 11th hoop, where Tymms decided to play his remaining extra turn to try a fumble.

Referee and match director Frances Colman was called in to judge the shot in which Tymms snapped a second ball at close range with his backswing.

With that mistake, the momentum of the match swung completely in Goldring’s favor as he ran hoop 11 well for 6-5, taking a commanding position at hoop 12, forcing Tymms to do whatever it takes to improve the game and the overall team. rescue agreement.

Goldring then closed the case 7-5 after two full turns.

Phyllis Court is through to the quarter-finals of this national competition and will play at home on Tuesday 29 July against Essex club Maldon.

• CAVERSHAM LADIES A again starred in a 10-6 win at Blewbury D on Monday to put them in second place in the Southern Croquet Federation’s Advantage League North. Anne Small won all four of her matches and Liz Walker took three wins.

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