Spectacular Spider-Man: 10 Best Female Characters

The spectacular Spider-Man is a show with an amazingly large cast of characters. But despite the huge number of them, each person manages to distinguish himself in his unique way. This includes the female characters. Although unfortunately they can’t kick as often as the male characters, these women are still strong, smart and interesting.

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Ultimately, all of these characters are great to watch in the series. However, there are some female characters in Spectacular Spider-Man one that will stay with the public longer than others.

10 dr. Martha Connors

The Connors Family Hug in Spectacular Spider-Man

Usually, in any Spider Man media, Curt Connors is thrust into the spotlight as he becomes the evil Lizard. However, on this show, his wife Martha gets just as much screen time. She’s smart, and not just academic, because she can make witticisms and comments in no time.

Her relationship with the other Connors is always great to watch as it’s easy to understand how much they care about each other. That’s why the lizard episode is just as much hair episode, as viewers can see how torn she is by her husband’s fate.

9 Gwen Stacy

Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker on the bus

One of the many interesting facts about Spectacular Spider-Man is that this show was the first time Gwen was a series regular in a Spider Man cartoon. She is Peter’s best friend, and more often than not she acts as both his brain and his conscience. She drives the plot of the show as she urges the characters to learn the lessons that lead to the conclusion of each episode.

She is the smartest and nicest kid in school, which is often taken for granted. Audiences can’t help but get frustrated with Peter, as he constantly overlooks her. Thankfully, the show doesn’t overlook her and lets her shine every episode.


8 Glory Grant

Glory Grant, Sally Avril and MJ Watson dance in Spectacular Spider-Man

Glory is a very underrated character as she is not usually at the forefront of things. However, when she shows up during the high school scenes, she notices how much more mature and fair she is compared to the other popular kids. She constantly breaks up with her boyfriend Kenny when he bullies other students, and instead, she dates Harry who treated her much more kindly.

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She is never mean to anyone, despite being surrounded by mean characters. When she first meets Mary-Jane, the two get along, and it’s easy to see why anyone would want to be friends with Glory.

7 Black cat

Black Cat is one of the best villains on the show, and for good reason. She can easily keep up with Spider-Man’s jokes and hardly sees him as a threat, saying, “Cats don’t fight spiders. We just slap them around.” She proves this to be correct, as she later steals expensive jewelry right under Spider-Man’s nose.

She’s also great at combat and acrobatics, which she shows when she helps Spider-Man fight Chameleon. It’s a shame she’s the only female character allowed to take part in fights, because if there were other female fighters even half as good as Black Cat, they’d still be great to watch.

6 Sally Avril

Sally Avril in the spectacular Spider-Man

Sally Avril may be your typical mean girl, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t fun to look at. In the first episode she manages to make a big impression, while she outrageously ridicules Peter when he tries to ask her out. And as the episodes go on, she gets more and more of her comeuppance for her bad attitude in hilarious ways.

She is also dating Rand Robertson who is a very heroic and chill character so there must be some redeeming qualities for her deep down. Viewers may wonder that if the show hadn’t been suddenly canceled after the second season, it would have had more time to flesh out.

5 Sha Shan Nguyen

Sha Shan and Flash Thompson in Spectacular Spider-Man

Though seemingly quiet and shy, Sha Shan is such an impressive character that she can change Flash Thompson’s brutal attitude for the better. She is notoriously the only character who is “completely immune to Flash, because she has brains”, and this leads Flash to try to get to know her through the things she enjoys, such as drama. She is incredibly talented at acting and Flash can’t help but admire her.

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While she mostly hangs out with Flash throughout the show, we occasionally see her hanging out with Mary-Jane. Considering how much loved Mary-Jane is at Midtown High, it’s easy to assume Sha Shan is too.

4 Betty Brant

Betty Brant and Peter Parker talking at her desk

Betty Brant is J. Jonah Jameson’s assistant at the Daily Bugle and is temporarily the object of Peter’s affection, though she kindly rejects him because of their age difference. But it’s easy to see why Peter likes her.

She was always able to keep up with both Peter and Spider-Man’s best quips and showed off her smart personality. She was also clearly someone of strong character, as she could endure Jameson’s constant outbursts and crazy demands without batting an eyelid. She was even able to soften him every now and then, proving she was a sympathetic and calming presence.

3 Mary Jane Watson

Peter Parker and Mary-Jane in a black dress

Mary-Jane is the most likeable character in all Spectacular Spider-Man form. She is funny, smart and takes on life with a very flexible and laid back approach. Her entry into the show is, of course, iconic; shows up in a black dress and says to Peter, “Face it, Tiger, you just hit the jackpot”, and she remains iconic throughout the show.

She is also a good friend, she is constantly giving people advice when they need it. When Gwen falls over while running away from Doc Ock, Mary-Jane is the one to help her. She cares about everyone around her.

2 aunt May

Aunt May Parker drinks tea

Aunt May is the first female character we meet on the show, and according to Peter, she’s “the most beautiful woman in Forest Hills.” Her relationship with Peter is touching as despite her struggle with bills and the loss of her husband, she does everything she can to ensure that Peter has a happy family life. She constantly wants to help people, even if it puts her health at risk.

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However, she is no doormat, chiding and holding Peter down when he continually comes home late after fighting the crime. She even goes to work to prevent him from dating Betty Brant, which, according to Peter, makes her “an evil mastermind.”

1 Liz Allen

Liz Allan The Spectacular Spider-Man

Liz Allen is probably the character who goes through the most development during the show. She starts out as a mean popular cheerleader and Flash’s girlfriend. However, when she and Peter interact, she learns the value of science and what it means to be a decent human being.

While it seems obvious that the relationship between her and Peter wouldn’t last, it becomes tragic, as she cares deeply about Peter. Liz also has issues with her brother, who becomes the flaming villain Molten Man. Her character goes through a lot, but she always manages to stay strong, even in the most difficult moments.

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