St. George bowling phenom Brendan Thomas rolls up another 300 games

St. George bowler Brendan Thomas, just 24 years old, rolled his 12th career 300 game at Dixie Bowl last week.

Brendan Thomas is a 24-year-old right-arm bowling sensation who has been seemingly blessed by the bowling gods.

If he does well and you play against him in a league or tournament, you’d swear that throwing strikes should be in his DNA.

And that’s the perfect follow-up to another exciting feat demonstrating his ability to throw strikes as he opened Thursday’s Mixed Nuts League game at Sunset Lanes with 12 strikes for a 300 game.

And after adding games of 221 and 210, he struckout a total of 26 and finished with a 731 run.

Meanwhile, three days earlier, he smoked the Dixie Bowl for a 704 series on games of 256, 228 and 220 including 23 strikes, earning him 49 strikes in six games for the week.

Amazingly, Thomas threw his first 300 in the youth league bowling at Dixie Bowl on December 17, 2013, and now, with his last perfecto, he just threw his 12th 300 game.

His resume also includes five 800s and last year he won the high-average goalscoring title with a 229. And while it’s currently undecided who will take the title this season, Thomas has a great shot at a two-turf.

In other action, Wil Mariluch (724-255, 245, 234) delivered a humdinger of an outing, Kyle Kidman (706-258) is having a standout season and Jeff Anderson (703-256) worked his way back to a 700.

Jerry Bundy (634-245) had a good week, Matt Hill (632-236) has put together a run of five straight 600s, while Tim Brandt (609-228) delivered another first-class performance.

Scoring a single game was off the charts with both Lew Agius and Joseph Graham shooting a 299, Devin Warner fired a 290, Ryan Gallian picked up a 289 and Tor Lowry shot a 288.

Tyler Mickelson, Max Stayrook, Nick Johnson and Mark Cruz posted matches of 227, 223, 221 and 206 respectively.

In the women’s race, Ashley Thomas (667-248) set the pace, Marcy Thompson (606-218) shot her first 600 in three years, Lisa Moss (598-205 has another great season, while Susan Hill (567-236) had a very good week.

Meanwhile, Luaan Huchins (584-212) fired 17 shots in her best effort this season, Candi Myers (555-205) captured her first ink in years and Kara Kopf (555-221) ended a scoring funk.

Kathy Arnold (537-194) gets her first ink for some really solid scores, and Karen Foss (521-191) delivered another brave performance.

In single game play, Tina Cruz, Indianna Polatis, Margie O’Neill and Rene Swall placed matches of 238, 230, 229 and 213, respectively.

Senior Scores

Manny Hartmann 683-248; Dave Myers 671-258; Ken Schloman 635-223; Margie O’Neill 555-243; Annette Chugg 533-220; Karen Foss 626-214; Pat McCabe 506; Maxine Thurston 502; Paul IJssel 248; Al Schedin 221; Stacy Griswold 221; Tom Schwab 215; John Verchota 214; Dave Anderson 212; Gary Miskowisk 206. Split Conversions: Pat Verchota & Mary Lou Miller 4-5-7, Sandi Ulery 3-6-7-10, Linda Handke 3-9-10, Carole Ketterer 6-7, along with Martha Heuer 3-7 -10 and Pat Gillespie 6-7-10.

Oh, bay bee!

Tara Dippre threw a career-high 172 game… Marilyn Roberts, a retired teacher took the 5-10 split (2x)… Shelley Hurst also converted the 5-7.

High scores

Blaine Hartley 773-279; Joseph Graham 761; Lew Agius 760; Devin Werner 720; Trent No 720-279; Bob Lehnen 719-267; Robert Dickey 698-248; Al Schedin 697-248; Scott Brosier 688-236; Rob Drager 680-276; Jake Heaton 674-279; Vic Lecture 674-267; Rick Lesko 668-239; Jeremy Turlington 667-239; Dalton Smith 666-248; Jim Bedford 664-248; Ron Floreani 664-242; Matt Polatis 662-254; Doyle Mouser 653-225; Will Hutchinson 653-233; Nick Mace 651-264; Trevor Miller 650-235; Wes Wells 648-241; Stan Rasmussen 644-266; Bill Stauffer 643-243; Bryan Eytcheson 643-243; Shane Wilson 242-241; Chase Evans 639-238; Fred Foerster 639-232; Shawn Wonder 639-233; Myles Benally 638-243; Jerry Bundy 634-245; Claw Hendrickson 634-235; Jeremy Telford 628-269; David Lee 625-242; Patrick Webster 623-234; Bar post 621-220; Mike Hallenbeck 621-220; Ken Clammer 617; Tony Zacchaeus 617; Roger Beutler 615-215; Troy Olaveson 614-225; Dave Keller 612-228; Keith Reynolds 612-219; Michael Garcia 607-254; Bill Echternkamp 606-233; David Schmucker 606-225; John Potter 605-217; Johnny Reeves 605-230; Stan Oliver 604; Randy James 603-227; Jack Syddall 601-214; Ron Hanson 601; Max Stay smoke 600-223; Ann Rasmusen 587-214; Debbie Lehnen 587-217; PJ Redhouse 584-215; Margie O’Neill 576-229; Anne Brosier 575-215; Sheila Green 564-216; Indianna Polatis 546-230; Stephanie Miller 545-232; Mackinzie Telford 534; Kathy Robbins 530; Pat McLaughlin 524; Vickie Pearson 523; Karen Foss 521; Dawn Thomas 517; Fall Telford 515 Diana Stauffer 512; Hailey Bundy 512; Jean Frost 510; Linda Mousier 509; Kathy Foy 201.

Willie Theis covers league bowling in St. George for The Spectrum & Daily News.

This article originally appeared on St. George Spectrum & Daily News: St. George bowler Brendan Thomas rolls up another 300 games

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