Tesla approaches BMW in US sales race to become top seller of luxury cars

Tesla, the electric car specialist, has already overtaken the luxury brands Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Lexus and has closed the sales gap with BMW in one of the world’s largest car markets.

Electric car specialist Tesla is on the cusp of one of its greatest achievements to date: toppling traditional luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz (the inventor of the automobile), Audi, Lexus and BMW in the annual sales charts in the US.

Tesla has already sold more than Audi, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz in the first 11 months of 2021 – according to US registration data until the end of November.

Now, Tesla is also on track to beat BMW in the US in the last month of the year as well.

The results won’t be known for a few weeks because Tesla isn’t providing its sales data in the US or any other country, so statisticians are waiting for registration information.

If Tesla overthrows BMW in the US before the 2021 calendar year, it will be a major milestone.

Mercedes-Benz and BMW have swapped the best sales place for luxury cars for the past ten years; in the previous decade, Toyota’s prestigious Lexus brand dominated the segment.

Above: Tesla US registration data up to the end of November 2021, as it appeared in Automotive News.

A report from Automotive News quoted data (pictured above) from statisticians Experian, who compares U.S. registration data with manufacturers’ sales claims.

After revealing numbers illustrating Tesla’s epic sales trajectory in the US in its first 11 months, Jessica Caldwell, an analyst at major US auto website Edmunds, told Automotive News: “The numbers are too close to call at the moment, but it looks like there may be an outage.”

“Even if Tesla doesn’t take the top spot, it’s remarkable that they’ve risen to the top in a short space of time, as collapse seemed quite possible a few years ago,” Caldwell said. Automotive News.

As in other countries, Tesla does not provide sales figures in Australia. But the company is expected to have had another record year, based on estimates of the number of vehicles shipped here last year.

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