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Long-term partnership with ATR aims to deliver £500,000 plus by 2022 and will increase

Following the success of its long-standing partnership with Arena Racing Company (ARC), At The Races and Sky Sports Racing, the world’s largest and fastest source of live horse racing data, Total Performance Data (TPD), has begun to return money to horse racing .

The multi-year tri-party partnership between ATR/ARC and TPD is thriving, so TPD is now returning the money generated from the sale of data back into the sport. After making their first payment of £100,000 in Q4 2021, the data specialists aim to deliver more than £500,000 by 2022 and double that by 2023 as the financial sustainability of horse racing remains at the forefront of its business model – remarkable given the financial uncertainty surrounding the future of the sport.

TPD, which is on track to have timed 500,000 horses by the middle of the year, is a leader in providing real-time race tracking data, and the technology behind it is driving more customer engagement and new racing revenue by increasing betting revenue. TPD’s live data was introduced to a wider audience than ever in 2021, when race goers at the inaugural Racing League and Ascot Racecourse were treated to live, large-screen images showing speed, cross-section and position data, while participants in the Breeders’ Cup witnessed an industry-first contact between the data specialists and jockey cam during the two-day meeting.

Will Duff Gordon, CEO of Total Performance Data, said: “After many years of investment and development, we are delighted to have reached a milestone of now providing funds to the race, having made our first payment of £100,000 at the end of last year. Given the somewhat murky For the sport’s funding outlook, we hope the booming in-play market that our live data helps power will serve as a shining beacon for the future.

“2021 was an important year for TPD as we continued to expand our global footprint we now provide live tracking data of 80 racecourses in five countries around the world. We’ve also enjoyed some exciting new ventures, with our up-to-date data and images used at the Breeders’ Cup, Ascot and the Racing League, and we’re really hoping to push through into 2022. We’ll be tracking our 50,000.e race and 500,000e horse this year, so all the foundations have been laid to make 2022 an excellent year for TPD and all our partners.

“We would like to thank ARC for their support in the UK over many years, working with Ascot, Chester and the small independent racecourses, while we owe a huge thank you to Equibase in the United States, who are also longstanding and very important partners. We would also like to acknowledge our data subscribers, including Betfair and Bet365, as well as the gamblers who have used the content to inform their betting decisions under our B2C arm, TPD.Zone.”

Alan Delmonte, Levy Board Chief Executive, commented: “The Levy Board made a significant financial commitment nearly three years ago designed to ensure timing was provided for every game. This was a recognition of the innovation’s potential to add value. to the horse racing fan and professional and to generate public interest in the sport in the longer term. Significant progress has been made since 2019 and we are very pleased to have played a role in supporting and driving the rollout.”

Rob Dakin, Director of Sky Sports Racing, said: “TPD’s live race pace data is content that our viewers can’t live without, and we continued with the Racing League coverage. We look forward to further leveraging this rich dataset in the coming months as Sky Sports Racing continues to invest in its coverage.”

David Hunter, CEO of Fakenham racecourse said: “We think it’s important to give our riders and riders feedback on the pace of each race when they get here, which we can do thanks to the data from TPD seen on AtTheRaces. The operator on the track at TPD is a popular member of the weighroom team and the fact that we also benefit financially from it is a nice bonus.”

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