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Warrnambool City Croquet Club is developing a new croquet format to attract new players to the club. President Peter Blake has embraced the idea of ​​the ‘fast five’ concept suggested by a new club member. “We’re setting up a new game to attract new players because Fast Five doesn’t require a lot of expertise or experience, so anyone can come off the street, young or old and play five hoops of croquet, which is a very short version of the game and then switch partners,” he said. “The whole idea is to have fun and enjoy yourself without getting too serious.” READ MORE: Fast five games are designed to take just 20 minutes, much less time than traditional association croquet, which consists of 26 hoops and lasts two hours and 15 minutes. “It’s never been tried before, we’ll try it, set it up and then we’re going to patent the idea,” he said. Blake, who became president in July, said the club was still tweaking the rules and figuring out when the fast five sessions would take place. Once the club is up and running, it will encourage anyone interested to join. The club’s highest ranked player, Peter Burke, played fast five this week and loves the concept. “The new game is designed to have more balls in a small area, so it’s easier to hit one ball or do things with it,” he said. Burke added another bonus of fast five, but it was still a good test for experienced players. It’s not the only attempt to shorten croquet. The club has also embraced golf croquet in recent years, which takes about an hour to play a game. Burke explained that fast five had different rules than golf croquet. “In golf croquet you play the ball and the next player plays the ball, in this case if you play one ball and if you hit another ball you get the extra shot,” he said. Blake hopes Fast Five will help gamblers get interested in trying the sport’s other formats. “The basic idea is that if someone comes in the gate and tries fast five, they’ll think, ‘This isn’t such a bad game after all, maybe we’ll go to the next level and try one of the other games,'” he said. “The ultimate goal is to bring new players to the club.” Have you signed up for The Standard’s daily newsletter and latest news emails? Sign up below and keep up to date with everything happening in the Southwest.


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