Youth baseball organizations merge in Longmeadow

LONGMEADOW – Kids can now more easily play baseball with their friends in Longmeadow.

Two separate youth baseball organizations, Longmeadow Little League and the Longmeadow Baseball Association (LBA), have merged under the former’s name.

“By forming one league, we can continue to achieve our primary goal of providing maximum opportunities for young baseball players to learn, develop skills, develop friendships and enjoy these great sports in the spring, summer and season. fall seasons,” Mike Dunnirvine, president of Longmeadow Little League, said in a statement.

Eric Hunter, a board member of Longmeadow Little League, explained that the LBA broke off from the Longmeadow Little League about 20 years ago. Hunter said the organizations had developed different perspectives on youth sports. That has changed.

The “biggest” reason the two leagues are back together “is a mutual vision of both groups,” Hunter told Reminder Publishing.

Until now, kids who wanted to play baseball had to choose between the two leagues. “Now kids can play with all their friends,” Hunter said.

In addition to playing with friends, participants also have more opportunities to progress. Those who played under the LBA had no chance of making it to the Little League World Series. Now all of Longmeadow’s youth baseball players get a chance to earn a spot in the national league.

“It also makes us even more competitive at the higher levels, bringing our best players together in one program,” said Dunnirvine.

Dan Sullivan, president of LBA, agreed. “Instead of competing for players, resources, time and field space, our program will now work towards common goals,” he said.

In addition to bringing players together, the leagues will no longer compete for funding. The two organizations obtain their funding through registration fees and corporate sponsorship. Working together, the Longmeadow Little League can use all the money for one purpose.

The competition

The Longmeadow Little League will host two Spring Sessions and two Fall Sessions. This spring is the first season since the merger.

There are seven age groups, from teeball for 5 and 6 year olds to the senior section for teens aged 13 to 15. There are 12 to 16 games per age group each season. The best players of the spring season then play for the summer All-Star Tournament. Teams that win the tournament advance to the sectional championship, where they play against teams from central Massachusetts.

Longmeadow Little League has partnered with East Longmeadow’s Complex Sports (PLEX Baseball) training facility. The goal is to enable Longmeadow players to join a travel team for tournaments with more advanced players. Evaluations for interested players will take place on January 22 and 23. More information is available at

Ultimately, Hunter said, the merger creates a best-in-class baseball organization for Longmeadow’s youth.

Registration is open to all youth baseball players. Volunteer coaches can also register. For more information about Longmeadow Little League, visit For sponsorship information please email

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