Zip Zap is making a comeback

Zip Zap Circus finally returns to the Dome stage after more than a year without a personal audience.

In case you didn’t already know, Zip Zap is no ordinary circus. Born 29 years ago from a simple dream, a trapeze bar in a tree, a costume box and a rusty car, the social change movement centered around art is now adorned with accolades, more than 1,357 beneficiaries, 190 spectators and also 107 shows as 30 international tours. It was born out of love between the two co-founders Brent van Rensburg and his French wife Laurence Estéve, in addition to a desire to bridge socio-economic gaps to inspire and empower young South Africans and give them a chance at a better life. , while at the same time showing their talents. In the case of Zip Zap, running away with the circus is the ticket to a better life in South Africa.

Beneficiaries of the Zip Zap programs have even performed for presidents, princes, sports stars and world leaders – becoming esteemed performers and technicians in the entertainment and film industries.

From their comeback performance – Moya the Show – A story of the South African spirit, Zip Zap expressed:

“Our professional group has pushed the boundaries of contemporary circus to transform last year’s acrobatic art film into a stage production that will celebrate what makes us different, what makes us one and the resilience to express this in a unique and artistic interpretation.”

To welcome our audience in style, up to 200 guests will be seated in a lounge-style environment in the Zip Zap Dome with an open bar serving wine, beer and soft drinks plus canapés on arrival all inclusive of the ticket price.

About Moya de Show

Zip Zap’s professional corps MOYA, presenting a contemporary take on South Africa’s heritage and culture in a theater show called MOYA, stays true to the award-winning film released in 2021. Stuck in the midst of lockdown Zip Zap’s first-ever acrobatic art film was born, a film rooted in South African culture, seen through the eyes of our youth.

Staying true to the essence of Zip Zap, the professional group pushes creative boundaries and explores collective acrobatic work, African dance (including gumboots and pantsula), as well as traditional circus disciplines.

A particularly moving snippet of the show depicts the history of gumboot dancing, a traditional South African dance that was born in the gold mines at the height of the migrant labor system during apartheid. The dance is extremely physical and serves as a purifying liberation, celebrating the body as an instrument. This piece is a strong demonstration of the community at the heart of gumboot dancing and what Zip Zap Circus is ultimately all about. It reflects the past, present and future of this multicultural cast & nation, perceived through the beauty of art and movement to bring people together.

Expect a polished, thought-provoking journey, masterfully crafted to inspire contemplation, understand true stories through movement, and not only witness the journey, but be a part of it.


  • Capacity: 200 patrons
  • Style: lounge-like environment
  • Where: Zip Zap Dome in the Artscape district
  • When: February 24-26
  • Time: 6:30 PM
  • Specialties: Open bar, wine, beer and soft drinks plus canapés on arrival (all included in the ticket price)
  • There is also a unique opportunity at the end of each show to mingle with the cast and creators and capture your memory in our photo booth.
  • Tickets: quicket

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Image: Zip Zap

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