Blind date: ‘My mother tried to get me on blind dates. That didn’t quite work out.’

TARA S.: 31 / human resources

HER HOBBY’S: Swimming, reading, traveling

WHAT MAKES HER A CATCH: She is extremely loyal and emotionally intelligent.



Johnny My mom tried to get me on blind dates. That didn’t quite work out.

Tarah I texted my friends and sister and watched a few shows.

Johnny I did a 30 minute boot camp workout on my Peloton.

Tarah I’ve never been on a real blind date before so I was feeling nervous but open to the experience.

Johnny I am a runner and always compare [first dates] to run a race. I’m most nervous at the starting line, but once that gun goes off and I really start, the nerves seem to calm down.

Tarah The hostess escorted me to our table.

Johnny I got there early and had some water while I waited. The hostess brought Tarah along.

Tarah [He] was smartly dressed with a button-up shirt and a smartwatch. He looked older than me.


Johnny Tarah seemed calm and outgoing. We ordered drinks and immediately started talking. We postponed ordering food because we were so busy.

Tarah Johnny is a very interesting person. He has his own chess business, which I admire. We talked a lot about TV and books. We also talked about the Boston dating scene and dating apps.

Johnny Tarah talked about her work in human resources and I talked about running my own chess business with my mom as an instructor – I think she got a kick out of that. She mentioned looking The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix and thereby be inspired to learn chess. I told her it’s never too late to learn the game.

Tarah He is a very nice person and we had a good chat for about two hours.

Johnny There were no awkward silences – the conversation seemed easy. After a break from dating, I was pleasantly surprised to have such a fun first date.

Tarah I ordered a chicken sandwich and a blackberry margarita. I’ve been to the restaurant and the service and food are great.

Johnny I ordered the pork carnitas hash. The food was excellent.

Tarah When we talked about books and our interests in TV shows, I thought: I saw that we were good friends.


Johnny We didn’t do anything after the date. I texted her after I got home to say I enjoyed meeting her. She texted back that she was enjoying the date too.

Tarah I told Johnny I was having a good time and we exchanged numbers. We walked out together, hugged and said goodbye.


Johnny / B+

Tarah / A-


Johnny We said it would be nice to be together again.

Tarah I didn’t really feel a romantic connection with him. I would love to have him as a friend to discuss books, shows and our funny dating stories.

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