Boxing lessons a big hit for all ages

Mindy Levy’s petite body dances around a punching bag, jabbing and dodging rhythmically as it swings with every punch.

“It’s exciting, that’s for sure,” Levy said, bouncing her blonde ponytail, “and the training is great.”

Every Thursday, Levy swings out at Champion’s Corner Boxing and Kickboxing Gym in Murfreesboro, part of Bill Taylor’s Bushido School of Karate.

Karate school owner Bill Taylor teaches alongside former 5-0 amateur kick boxer Paul Caruthers, whose booming voice barks boxing commands like a drill sergeant.

Mindy Levy reacts as she practices her defensive boxing techniques in class at the Bill Taylor Bushido School of Karate's Champion's Corner Boxing and Kickboxing Gym on Thursday, December 16, 2021.

“Put that jab out. Get it back quickly. Keep that chin in. Be aware of your surroundings,” Caruthers said, batting in the air, demonstrating proper form.

Six months ago, Champion’s Corner was little more than a storage area at the old karate school.

Return to boxing roots

“We just looked at it and thought we could do more and use this space,” said Taylor, a former professional kickboxer, with a 24-6 record that Caruthers tapped to help teach.

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