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By JOYANNA LOVE / Editor-in-Chief

A favorite pastime has become a business venture for Peach City Billiards co-owner Austin Dennis of Clanton.

“I’ve been playing pool pretty much non-stop since 2017,” Dennis said.

He started playing in college and then joined the Amateur Pool Association with an average of two tournaments a month.

“I’ve always played team sports and this is the first thing I’ve ever done, that’s kind of an individual sport … I like that the only thing that stops you from getting better is how much time you’re willing to put into it.” sting,” Dennis said.

Matthew Fountain, co-owner of Peach City Billiards, has previous experience as the owner of a billiards business in Pelham. Fountain asked Dennis to be part of his new venture in downtown Clanton.

“He found this building, brought me here and showed it to me,” Dennis said. “I was all in since he showed me the place.”

Dennis liked being able to settle in an older building.

“It’s small and cozy,” Dennis said. “It’s a nice room.”

The location was also a good match.

,,It worked out well”, Dennis says. “Love the location here on Second Avenue, down the road from The Bearded Peach. We send people to them, and they send people to us all the time.”

There are several pool tables with some seating nearby for those waiting their turn at the table.

A snack bar at the entrance offers a variety of sweet and salty options, as well as water and soda options for purchase.

The company hopes eventually to expand its food options to include savory snacks, such as chicken fingers and fries.

After a soft opening on December 6, a grand opening event is slated for sometime in January.

“A lot of new people have come in and they’re starting to get in (pool) since we opened,” Dennis said.

The company is open to all ages.

There is also the possibility to offer lessons in the future.

Tournaments are held on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 7pm. Registrations start at 6:00 PM. At other times, games are played at a fixed rate per person per hour.

There is also talk of separate tournaments for younger pool players under the age of 18.

Dennis hopes to have an Amateur Pool Association League on Sunday as well. Details are being worked out and updates will be shared via the Peach City Billiards Facebook page.

Dennis said it takes 30 players to have a league.

Peach City Billiards is open seven days a week: Monday to Friday from 3pm to 11pm, Saturdays to 12pm and Sundays from 2pm to 8pm

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