Herd Swim and Dive at No. 13 Kentucky

LEXINGTON, Kentucky – The Marshall University swim and dive team dropped its double meet at the No. 13 Kentucky Wildcats, 159-92 in Lexington on Wednesday.

“We raced against one of the best teams in the country tonight,” Marshall’s swimming and diving head coach Ian Walsh said. “We have learned a lot about ourselves collectively and individually. As we continue to grow as a program, experiences like this will be so valuable. We have a quick turnaround over the weekend, but I know our women will respond as we get to our final push in the direction of the conference.”

MU swept the last four events as Madeline Hart won the 500 freestyle (5:13.77), Klava Katayama took the 100 Butterfly (57.13) and Esther Laban took a victory in the 400 individual medley (4:30.54) for the herd’s three individual first places. ‘s team Klava Katayama, Gabrielle Ivey, or Tamir and Regan Raines closed the event with a win in the 200 Freestyle Relay (1:37.33).

Meet results
200 medley relay

5th or Tamir, Paige Banton, Klava Katayama, Gabrielle Ivey (1:47.25)
6th Raeleigh Mooij, Naomee Miller, Nicole Rueff, Leigh Lopez-Silvers (1:49.82)
7th Macey Swearingen, Jenna Bopp, Kate Bolgarskaja, Grace Cox (1:54.09)

1000 freestyle
5th Madeline Hart (10:49.18)
6th Adriana Abruzzino (10:58.74)
7th Maria McGovern (11:07.72)

200 freestyle
4th Audrey West (1:56.28)
6th Sofia Bormett (1:57.28)
7th Regan Raines (1:57.64)
8th Klava Katayama (1:58.54)

100 backstroke
5th or Tamir (58.47)
6th Kate Bolgarskaja (1:00.23)
7th Alexis Wilhoit (1:00.67)

100 breaststroke
4th Paige Banton (1:05.29)
6th Jenna Bopp (1:07.61)
7th Naomee Miller (1:10.18)
8th Grace Valenza (1:11.91)

200 butterfly
4th Esther Laban (2:05.44)
5th Gina Cantoral (2:09.03)
6th Nicole Rueff (2:11.99)
7th Leigh Lopez-Silvers (2:12.50)

50 freestyle
4th Gabrielle Ivey (24.60)
6th Raeleigh Mooij (25.12)
7th Grace Cox (25.66)

100 freestyle
5th Claire Kenney (54.29)
6th Regan Raines (54.98)
7th Alexis Wilhoit (55.51)
8th or Tamir (56.21)

200 backstroke
5th Gabrielle Ivey (2:05.78)
6th Macey Swearingen (2:17.66)

200 breaststroke
4th Paige Banton (2:19.83)
5th Audrey West (2:26.75)
7th Grace Valenza (2:38.10)

500 freestyle
1st Madeline Hart (5:13.77)
2nd Jenna Bopp (5:19.67)
3rd Adriana Abruzzino (5:20.22)
4th Sofia Bormett (5:22.24)

100 butterfly
1st Klava Katayama (57,13)
2nd Nicole Rueff (1:00.54)
3rd Kate Bolgarskaja (1:02.27)
4th Maria McGovern (1:02.81)

400 individual medley
1st Esther Laban (4:30.54)
2nd Gina Cantoral (4:41.66)
3rd Naomee Miller (4:45.62)

200 freestyle relay
1st Klava Katayama, Gabrielle Ivey, or Tamir, Regan Raines (1:37.33)
2nd Leigh Lopez-Silvers, Raeleigh Mooij, Claire Kenney, Alexis Wilhoit (1:39.94)
3rd Sofia Bormett, Madeline Hart, Audrey West, Kate Bolgarskaja (1:40.30)
4th Grace Valenza, Macey Swearingen, Grace Cox, Esther Laban (1:43.55)

The herd will be back in the pool when it travels to Duquesne on January 15.


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