Indonesian chess player summons Alexandra Daddario for wrong arrangement – “The board is not set up correctly”

Chess has been one of the emerging sports since the Netflix series ‘Queen’s Gambit’ was released. Many celebrities have picked up the game and become addicted to it. Among them is the popular actor Alexandra Daddario.


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Daddario is a popular American actress, famous for playing the role of Annabeth in the movie Percy Jackson.


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Daddario recently took to social media to share a photo of her playing the game. However, a popular chess player pointed out that Daddario had set up the board incorrectly.

Indonesian chess player calls out Alexandra Daddario for chess error

Daddario posted a photo of her posing next to a chessboard on Instagram. She endorsed it, “Snow day.” However, Daddario had misplaced the board and chess enthusiasts quickly noticed the mistake.

Daddario’s commentary section was inundated with tips on how to properly set up the board and play the game.

Popular Indonesian chess player Irene Sukandar posted a screenshot of the photo on her Twitter, explaining how chess celebrities are actually promoting the sport.

“I love it when celebrities pick up chess, it’s a very good promotion for our game. But unfortunately we often see that the board is not adjusted properly.” Sukandar tweeted.

However, she also pointed out that Daddario had set up the chessboard incorrectly.

“Quick tip: Right corner should be a light square no matter which side you’re playing on,” added Irene.

Alexandra Daddario took this correction seriously and replied with a photo of the correct board.

FIDA invited Daddario to open a chess game

After Daddario corrected her mistake, the International Chess Federation also commented on the thread. The Federation has now invited Daddario to one of their top events, where she will take the ceremonial first step.

“Now that you’ve passed the test, would you like to be our special guest and take the ceremonial first step at one of our top events?” read the tweet.


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Even chess grandmaster Ian Nepomniachtchi responded to Daddario’s tweet.

“Practice makes perfect,” replied Nepomniachtchi. Nepomniachtchi is a Russian chess grandmaster. Notably, he recently lost the World Championship to Magnus Carlsen last December.

It is possible that the event being talked about here will also see World Champion Magnus Carlsen.


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