Joe Schoen is the football man for the Giants GM job?

If you’re a real football guy, chances are Bill Parcells will like you.

New Giants GM Joe Schoen is a soccer man.

“I like Joe,” Parcells told the Post. “Having worked with him, I think he’s a very good judge of talent in the NFL, and he’s a serious personnel guy.”

When Parcells was the big fish in Miami, Schoen served as the Dolphins assistant director of college scouting before being promoted to director of player personnel (2014-17) under former Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum.

“He’s very, very conscientious,” Parcells said.

Schoen was in Carolina with Bills GM Brandon Beane and head coach Sean McDermott and longtime Parcells confidant Dan Henning. Schoen has been Beane’s right-hand man since 2017 and was instrumental in the Bills’ ascension.

“Those two boys are like peas in a pod,” Parcells said. “They grew up together. They started together in Carolina.”

Schoen wins immediately in the court of public opinion, and he will win the press conference because he’s following Dave Gettleman, meaning he’s not Ray Handley following Bill Parcells, and he’s not Ben McAdoo replacing Tom Coughlin.

Now go get the right head coach.

The right head coach will set him up for success or failure and define his direct stewardship and leadership skills.

Joe Schoen, ast gm.
Joe Schoen has Bill Parcells’ stamp of approval.
Craig Melvin/Buffalo Bills

The right head coach, an intense, no-nonsense head coach with experience, is Brooklyn’s very own Brian Flores.

Go for Flo.

As long as Schoen is comfortable, of course, the friction this season between Flores and Dolphins GM Chris Grier is not a problem. Any possible feud with Deshaun Watson, who is reportedly fond of Flores, would be a decision to fall at the feet of Giants, given Watson’s problematic legal issues.

If he’s not comfortable with what was going on in Miami, then Bills Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll would predictably be the Next Man Up to take the Giants attack out of the dark ages.

Shoe represents a departure from the Same Old Giants Way, which has given us the Same Old Giants for the past decade, 22-59 to say the least.

And now his job is to help restore the pride and restore the stability and continuity that were a hallmark of the Steelers and once a hallmark of the New York Football Giants.

His mandate is to prove that John Mara and Steve Tisch are finally right. Giants fans will keep their fingers crossed and pray they learned from the mistakes of their ways. Picking Beane’s right hand off the Bills is a good thing.

It’s illogical and unfair to expect Schoen to do for Mara and Tisch what the late George Young did for Wellington Mara – he won’t get a chance to draft a Lawrence Taylor, of course. It is illogical and unfair to expect The Next Ozzie Newsome. Nobody should expect miracles here.

But let his honeymoon begin.

He lands his dream job building a shaky organization from the bottom up that will have a chance to replace dysfunction with lasting success.

(09-15-13) Bill Parcells honored at halftime
Joe Schoen worked under Bill Parcells when the two were with the Dolphins.
Joseph E. Amauro

After all that oil and all the failures, I trust Mara Schoen will trust enough to let the GM GM in.

This isn’t a mammoth task, it’s a mammoth task, under a microscope like it’s never experienced before, in a market that will expose cheaters in a Big Apple minute.

There are, of course, never any guarantees. Parcells was a Jersey Guy who knew the landscape and wouldn’t blink. Schoen is a Hoosier who graduated from DePauw in 2001. “You never know what’s going to happen,” Parcells said. “Heavy is the head that wears the crown, you understand? You never know what will happen. But I can tell you that he is a good judge and he takes his job very seriously.”

Giants owner John Mara watches practice with New York Giants general manager Dave Gettleman in the background
John Mara will have to let his new GM be a general manager.
Robert Sabo

Schoen has to agree with his head coach on the right franchise quarterback. Which means he and his head coach have to pass judgment on Daniel Jones and decide whether to move on with their own quarterback, because Jones was Gettleman’s Guy and he didn’t definitively answer the franchise quarterback’s question.

A decision must be made by Saquon Barkley as he enters his fifth year.

And it goes without saying that he needs to repair the attack line. Schoen inherits the fifth and seventh picks in the NFL Draft.

When you clean house, you put a tandem in place where both are aligned with the same vision, unlike a win-now head coach and a GM with a long-term vision.

Young and Parcells would sometimes bump into players. But more often than not they were philosophically aligned.

“The ideal general manager should possess skills well beyond coaching, player evaluation or cap management,” wrote Andrew Brandt, former Packers vice president of Player Finance/General Counsel for Sports Illustrated. “The true role of an NFL general manager is that of a leader, a consensus builder, and a master communicator, both internally and externally. . . Whatever the background, I would look for someone with the ultimate leadership quality: getting people to do things they don’t necessarily want to do, and they do them with pride. I would look for someone who understands that it is not what you say to people; rather it’s how you make them feel.’

Joe Schoen made Mara and Tisch feel all warm and fuzzy.

Now all he has to do is fix a broken franchise and bring that feeling back to Giants fans.


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