Mike Tyson seems to be taking the blame for the rise in YouTube boxing fights

Tyson has admitted things “went badly” after hosting his exhibition with Roy Jones Jr on Triller, which featured YouTube star Jake Paul on the map

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Mike Tyson seems to be blaming himself for the surge in YouTube boxing fights after Jake Paul fought on the undercard of his comeback.

The legendary heavyweight has been an advocate for YouTube boxing in the past and has spoken of his fondness for the Paul brothers who fight at the center of it.

He hosted an exhibition against Roy Jones Jr in 2020 with Paul fighting Nate Robinson on the undercard.

Tyson has now admitted that his original plan was to create the opportunity for fun, but turned against the idea of ​​competing again after it was made “financial”.

“I’m not even interested in this sort of thing. It’s fun,” Tyson said when asked about an argument with Paul on the FULL SEND podcast.

Jake Paul led the way in YouTube boxing


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“If it was back when I first started, yes, and we were both fighting on the same map, we were both active, yes, I would. But it just turned out badly, it’s not going to end well.

“I just wanted to do it for fun the first time. Other people took it to the financial level and I didn’t like it anymore.”

Tyson staged a hugely successful event on Triller against Jones Jr, which sparked great interest in seeing their ring return.

The promotional label has since hosted events, including Fight Club cards featuring Evander Holyfield’s farcical interruption at the hands of Vitor Belfort.

Since then, they have also started setting up Triad Combat cards, which is a mix of boxing and MMA rules with Kubrat Pulev.

YouTube boxing is also on the rise, with Paul generating over £30 million in 2021 from crossover fights with Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren.

Meanwhile, Jake’s brother Logan took part in another high-profile exhibition against Floyd Mayweather.

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Tyson allegedly struck a deal verbally to meet with Paul in an exhibition clash.

However, the legendary heavyweight soon denied any knowledge of the talks that took place before sowing further doubts about future boxing achievements.

Despite appearing to be blamed for the current surge in YouTube boxing, Tyson had previously suggested that he had an idea to host influencer tournaments to promote the “changing of the guard”.

“No, no, this is what upsets guys of age because the changing of the guard is hard to understand, they don’t want to understand,” Tyson explained on his HotBoxin’ podcast.

“Imagine this, ten years from now; I want all YouTube boxers to have a tournament and find out who will be the champion of the world, of that world.

“But that’s what they do, they have a different belt, it’s going to be any belt they want, and then they put that against the punching belt. It’s all hype, hype sells fights, fights don’t sell fights, hype sells fights. “

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