Pacesetters Friday League standings for the week of January 14 – The Fort Morgan Times

For week of January 14; marks the start of the second half of the season.

With the first half of the season on the books, the Pacesetters are entering the second half, with each team hoping to finish first in the standings.

Team play and Star Bowlers

From lanes 1 and 2, JZ Motorsports took on We Just Met. The first match was decided by 1 pin and went to We Just Met. Game 2 was not close and also went to We Just Met. Fighting back, JZ took game 3 with 13 pins.

Anderson/Young conceded nearly 4 points to E-bowla. E-bowla failed to capture game 3 but only lost by 5 pins. Bowling for E-bowla, Mary had a Star Bowler night with her three-game run of 431.89 pins above her average. Well done Mary!

L&M had a good night on lanes 5 and 6 when they earned 3 points from Snap, Crackle and Pop.

We welcome a new team to our league. They call themselves, All Balls No Glory. For now, they will show 4 points in the victory column because their opponents, Morgan County Signs, did not show up.

Judging by the volume heard on tracks 9 and 10, we know there was a lot of fun between Scoregasm and Here For The Beer. In the end it was Scoregasm who took 3 out of 4 points.

Rolling Balls, with Star Bowler Cameron, tied the 4 points with K&M. K&M took games 1 & 2; However, Rolling Balls’ Cameron decided to start game 3 with 8 strikes. Unfortunately, Cameron’s first ball of the ninth frame went down the gutter. He finished the frame with a second strike and finished the game with a 259.100 pins above his average. Not only did this give Rolling Balls the win in game 3, but it also earned them the total pins point. Cameron had a three-game run of 587, 110 pins above his average. Well done Star Bowler Cameron!

On lanes 13 and 14 it was all Grahams about That’s How We Roll. The two teams finished just 42 pins apart, but Grahams was just better in the 10th frame when it mattered.

We welcome new bowlers Bill and Hannah to I Can’t Believe It’s Not Crap. Bill had a stellar first night, rolling 244, 214, and 237. Teammate Michelle rolled her way to the Star Bowler list with her 194 game, 57 pins above her average. Well done Michele. I Can’t Believe has been compared to Bowl Busters. The first game ended in a tie, game 2 went to I Can’t Believe with only 2 pins, and game 3 and the total number of pins went to I Can’t Believe.

shift position

The team standings for the Pacesetters are as follows:

1. Grahams

2. All Balls No Glory

3. I can’t believe it’s not bullshit

4. L&M

5. Scoregasm

6. E bowl

7. We just met

8. K&M

9. Rolling Balls

10. Anderson/Young

11. Snap Crackle and Pop

12. JZ Motorsport

13. Here for the beer

14. Bowl Busters

15. This is how we roll

16. Morgan County Signs

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